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Updated on 04 Sep 2023
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Oh my, another failed waffle, how come every time? Nothing tastes better than a homemade waffle. Everyone knows that. But baking the perfect waffle is harder than it looks. Today we give you some handy tips, especially about greasing the waffle iron. What should you grease your waffle iron with, and how do you make sure you get those perfect golden brown waffles while baking?

What to grease waffle iron with?

What to grease waffle iron with?

Greasing your waffle iron is best done with baking spray. This is easy to dispense and easy to get well over on the waffle iron. You can also use a little butter or oil if necessary.

Greasing waffle iron: A common mistake

Greasing waffle iron: A common mistake

A common mistake is dosing. In fact, many put too much oil, butter or baking spray on the waffle iron. Then the waffles start to taste greasy and often they stick and become sticky. It is really key to use very little, but also just enough. When greasing your waffle iron, try using less oil or baking spray.

Once is enough

greasing waffle iron

Another mistake many people make when greasing a waffle iron: They repeat greasing. This is something you only need to do on the first batch. This depends a bit on your waffle iron, but for an average waffle iron, once is enough. You only need to grease the iron once, because you often also add butter or oil to the batter. So if you grease the iron once well in advance, you can then successfully bake all the waffles without having to repeat this.

So, just step by step:

Waffle Making Greasing Iron Step by Step
  1. Grease the waffle iron with a little baking spray or use a small amount of butter or oil
  2. Make your waffle batter
  3. Pour it evenly into the waffle iron
  4. Let the waffle iron do its job
  5. Bon appetit!

Sufficient preheating

Preheating waffle iron

This is an absolute golden tip when baking waffles. Preheat your waffle iron sufficiently. In addition, it is important to pour in the batter only when the waffle iron is actually well warm. It is also important that the batter is poured gradually In the waffle iron and it runs evenly, for this you can use a measuring cup with a large ladle.

Finished baking waffles? Then comes the least fun chore, the dishes. Let the waffle iron cool well and then the next thing is to remove the leftovers with damp kitchen paper in a brush. It is better not to use a scouring pad, this is a bit aggressive and can damage the waffle iron and then it will not last as long.

Patience is a virtue

Greasing waffle iron

It is also important to remember: patience is a virtue. It is important not to open the waffle iron too quickly. When the waffles are not quite ready, you can very easily pull apart. Then you will completely ruin your waffles. You should only open the waffle iron when there is no more steam coming down the sides of the iron, then the waffle is ready.

It is also important not to close the waffle iron completely. This is because otherwise you won’t give the waffle room to rise. This is precisely what is important when you want perfect, buttery and airy waffles.

More eggs in the batter

More eggs in the batter

It depends a bit on your preference, but You can choose to use more or less eggs In the batter. Using more eggs in the batter will make a heavier waffle. If you want a lighter waffle, use more milk.

Long prodding fork

Waffle fork

If you are a fan of baking waffles, a long pricking fork is definitely recommended. With a long prodding fork you can easily remove waffles from the waffle iron without breaking them. If you don’t have it in the house you can also use a skewer. But a long fork is really essential to have if you are an avid waffle baker.

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