Cutting Vegetables With A Food Processor: How Does It Work and Is It Convenient?

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Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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If you are making vegetable soup or cooking for many people, you will soon spend a lot of time cutting vegetables. The size of the cut vegetables is also important: you want to serve vegetables at bitesize, of course. Cutting by hand is time-consuming and often it is difficult to cut all the vegetables in the same size. Fortunately, there is a food processor; which takes the tedious cutting work out of your hands.

When processing vegetables with a food processor, you have a choice of chopping, slicing and grating. After reading this article, you will know exactly what the differences are and how best to use your food processor to cut vegetables.

Chopping vegetables with a food processor; how does it work?

A food processor comes with different accessories that allow you to cut, grate and chop vegetables. Actually, the included accessories determine the number of possibilities of a food processor. This makes it extra important to carefully consider which accessories you need before buying a food processor.

Required accessories

  • Chopping: for this you use the large chopping blade. This comes standard with a food processor.
  • Grating: for this you use the grating discs.
  • Cutting: use the cutting discs.

In the best case you have several grating and cutting discs to choose from. This way you can always cut and grate the vegetables in the desired size.

Which vegetables work best?

A food processor works best with hard vegetables such as a carrot, sweet potato or red beets. You can also use a food processor for vegetables with a high water content, but this is not really ideal. This is because it releases a lot of water, so the chopping quickly becomes like a mixture.

Tearing eyes while slicing an onion? These are unfortunately not a thing of the past, because in practice it works better to cut an onion yourself. The problem is that too much water is released when slicing or grating an onion.

Less convenient for small quantities

Cutting vegetables in small quantities with a food processor does not work as well. In practice, it is then often faster to do it by hand. The amount of cleanup work is also disproportionate to its convenience. So chopping vegetables with a food processor is mainly for when you are cooking for several people.

Chopping, slicing and grating?

There is quite a big difference between chopping, slicing and grating. But when exactly do you use which method?

Chopping vegetables

You use the large chopper primarily for chopping hard vegetables into coarse pieces or just when you need a finer grind. The chopping is somewhat less consistent, meaning that some pieces are larger in size.

Cutting vegetables

The cutting graters are mainly for cutting thin strips. Think, for example, of slices of potato or carrot. The advantage of the cutting grater is that it is very fast and the results are very consistent.

Grating vegetables

The grating discs are primarily intended for “shredding” vegetables. Think for example of cabbage that you would like to have finely chopped. Also with the grating discs, the results are consistent.

Chopping vegetables: which food processor to buy?

Are you about to buy a new food processor and think you will use the kitchen appliance regularly for cutting or grating vegetables? Then buy a food processor with multiple cutting and grating discs. That way you are not limited and you can choose what size you want to cut the vegetables. Some food processors have only one size disc; if you need thicker or thinner strips of carrot once, this is already not possible.

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