What is a vacuum blender?

Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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We all know what a normal blender is, but what exactly is a vacuum blender? With a vacuum blender, all the oxygen is removed from the mixing bowl with the advantage that the flavor and vitamins are better preserved. What exactly a vacuum blender is and what other advantages it has, we explain in this article.

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Why a vacuum blender?

Why pay 50 to 100 euros more for a vacuum blender? A vacuum blender is a fairly new technique in the blender world. Oxygen is the culprit and the vacuum blender has found a solution for that. While blending, the oxygen is sucked out of the mixing bowl. Where smoothies from a normal blender can quickly discolor if you leave them standing for a while, smoothies from a vacuum blender remain beautiful in color.

But that’s not all. Fragrances, flavors and vitamins are also better preserved. As I said, oxygen speeds up the process of discoloring and breaking down the nutrients. Because there is no air in the blender, the foam layer is also a thing of the past.

The benefits of a vacuum blender:

  • flavors, odors and vitamins are better retained and so it is healthier.
  • No foam on your smoothie
  • food stays good longer
  • smoothies are smoother without the heavy particles sinking down (should you leave the smoothie on the table for a while)

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Things to consider:

  • vacuum blenders are noisier
  • vacuum blenders are more expensive
  • vacuum blenders are larger in size and thus less easy to store

How exactly does a vacuum blender work?

For you the user, there is little change in the operation, it is largely the same compared to a normal blender. You fill the blender jug with fresh ingredients, place the lid on top and then turn on the blender. Before the blender starts, it first sucks all the oxygen out of the blender bowl to prevent oxidation.

Vacuum blender vs. a regular blender

As you have read above, a vacuum blender brings a number of advantages over a normal blender. These benefits are particularly related to your health. If you are someone who takes the time to drink a smoothie or if you take your smoothie with you on the go then a vacuum blender will suit you well. If you drink a smoothie immediately, we would rather recommend a normal blender, since they are also a lot cheaper.

Vacuum blender vs. slow juicer

A vacuum blender works very differently from a slow juicer, which is why the results are also different. With a vacuum blender you make smoothies, a combination of liquid (often milk or vegetable milk) and frozen fruits or vegetables. These are ground up, thus preserving the fiber. With a slow juicer, all the juice is extracted from the fruits and vegetables. There is then no fiber left. So a smoothie from a vacuum blender is more filling than a juice from a slow juicer.

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My conclusion: is a vacuum blender for you?

A vacuum blender provides a number of health benefits. For example, vitamins and minerals are better preserved because there is no oxidation. If these health benefits are important to you then it makes sense to spend more money on a vacuum blender.

But this is not to say that a smoothie from a regular blender is not healthy. A vacuum blender is especially a good idea when you want to preserve your smoothie or take a longer time to drink it.

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