Pizzarette: How does it work and what do you need?

Updated on 27 May 2023
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How does the pizzarette work? This is an appliance that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Today, I go through all kinds of things concerning the pizza parlour with you. What is it, how do you use it and what exactly do you need? I explain it all to you!

What is a pizzarette and how to use it?

The first question I want to answer for you is the most obvious one: What is a pizzarette and how does it work? A pizzarette is in a mini pizza oven for 6 people. You can deliciously bake your own mini pizzas in it. Everyone puts together their own mini pizzas and slides them straight into the oven. A pizzarette also comes with mini spatulas. You make your pizza, put it on the spatula and slide it straight into the oven.

Pizzarette: how long to heat up?

Of course, another frequently asked question is, how long does a pizzarette take to heat up? The pizzarette is an appliance that heats up very quickly. You don’t have to do anything else. You heat up the pizzarette, put the ingredients and pizza dough on the table and you are ready to go! The pizzarette heats up to 200 degrees in 15 minutes. This is because the heat stays well inside the ceramic dome.

How long does a pizzarette pizza take to prepare?

At first, it will take a little longer and a pizza will take around 15 minutes, sometimes a little longer. If you’ve already had one or two rounds then it will go a lot faster immediately after that and a pizza can be ready after just 5 to 10 minutes.

Pizzarette: what kind of dough?

A pizza, of course, requires dough. What kind of dough do you use for the pizzarette? The tastiest thing, of course, is simply to make the dough yourself. Ready made dough is not nearly as tasty as fresh homemade pizza dough. By the way, making your own pizza dough is not at all as difficult as you think. It can be done in no time at all!

It is best to choose standard pizza dough that you make yourself or buy ready-made. Making your own, I can tell you from experience, is a lot tastier.

Pizzarette: Which ingredients?

Which ingredients? This is a pretty personal question. You can choose some ingredients you like and incorporate them into the dough or put them on the table. It’s best to do this in trays so everyone can easily grab out.

Pizzarette: what on top?

Which toppings are best with the pizzarette?

  • Tomato sauce
  • Mushrooms
  • Salami
  • Spring onions
  • Red onion
  • Mozzarella
  • Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet pepper
  • Chorizo
  • Italian herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Bacon
  • Chilli
  • Olives

Pizzarette: where to buy?

You can buy the pizzarette almost anywhere. You can often get it at your local Blokker, but it’s also easy to find online. Which pizzarette to buy? Many people just choose the original standard pizzarette, as there is a standard model. This is a 6-person mini pizza oven with a brown terracotta dome.

Pizzarette pizza topping

A special cut-out mould is included in the package. This allows you to make a pizza base to size in advance. Dust the bases with some flour, as this way they will not stick together. It can be practical to make sure you have some in stock. Each person should have about four pizza bases.

As I mentioned earlier, put as many different ingredients on the table as possible. This will keep the variety going nicely. What to pick for the pizza parlour is up to you, you can think of anything you like. There are plenty of supermarkets that sell mini pizza toppings. Something you are going to need anyway is of course: tomato sauce! There are also a few ingredients that are most commonly used. I mentioned these in one of the previous paragraphs.

Bake away!

Once the pan is preheated and the base is filled with ingredients, you can start making pizzas. When there are several pizzas in it, baking times may be a bit longer. Especially in the beginning, as I mentioned earlier, baking times can be a bit long

  • Place your pizzas on the spatula
  • Place the spatula in the pizzarette
  • Leave the spatula for about 7 to 8 minutes


Then that annoying chore comes around the corner again after you’ve had a good time baking pizza. Eventually, you will just have to clean the pizza set. Be extremely careful when cleaning! You should let the pizzarette cool down first and it should be unplugged. However, don’t wait too long and better not wait until the next morning, you will hardly get the caked-on dirt off. Also, NEVER put the parts in the dishwasher! You can wipe the dome with a sponge, and the plate the same way. If you don’t wait too long, the pizzarette will be clean in no time.

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