KitchenAid Kettle: is it worth the investment?

Updated on 29 May 2023
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When looking for a new kettle, a KitchenAid kettle immediately comes to mind. Not surprisingly, a KitchenAid kettle is pleasing to the eye and available in a variety of colours. A retro KitchenAid kettle starts from 80 euros, but why are these kettles from the American brand so expensive and is it worth it?

You pay for the brand

Why buy a kettle for over 100 euros when you can buy one for 20 euros? Well, it is clear that with KitchenAid, you are also just paying for the brand. It is a world-renowned brand that focuses mainly on design and good build quality. Especially in the case of kettles: the technology behind them is obviously not that complicated. This also explains why you can buy a kettle for a couple of tenners.

Sleek design

KitchenAid kitchen appliances are very recognisable. The design shows many similarities and you can always choose from many different colours. With a KitchenAid kettle, you have several colours to choose from: stainless steel, apple red, black, white, almond white and onyx black. A KitchenAid kettle is a feast for the eyes!

Build quality

KitchenAid is a huge company that mainly uses high-quality materials. They sell both stainless steel and plastic kettles. Because of the high quality, you can count on a long lifespan. But of course, for that kind of money, you should.

The range of KitchenAid kettles

The range of KitchenAid kettles consists of different designs, which we briefly explain below.

Retro KitchenAid kettle

This is the retro KitchenAid kettle. A simple kettle and also the cheapest kettle in the KitchenAid range. This kettle has a size of 1.2 litres and a stainless steel body. Available in the colours: apple red, stainless steel, black and cream white.

Design collection Kettle

The Design collection kettle is a beautiful kettle with a size of 1.5 litres and a double-walled housing. However, it is a bit more expensive than the retro version. At the time of writing, it costs more than 100 euros. You can choose from the following colours: imperial red, grey and black.

KitchenAid 5KEK1722

Finally, we have the KitchenAid 5KEK1722 which is the largest kettle in KitchenAid’s range. This 1.7-litre kettle is available in almond white, red, black and silver grey. A big advantage over the other kettles in the KitchenAid range is that you have a choice of multiple temperature settings, namely 50 to 100 degrees (6 temperature settings in total).

No programmes or timer

For the money you put down for and KitchenAid kettle, you get quite a simple kettle without too many features. In the range, you don’t get a kettle with a timer that allows the kettle to start boiling automatically at a certain time. Nor is there really a kettle among them that is suitable for tea lovers.

Conclusion: to buy or not to buy a KitchenAid kettle?

You buy a KitchenAid kettle because you like the design and the kettles are of good quality. But it’s clear that you’re paying mostly for the brand. For half the money, you can find a kettle that does the same thing and with the same build quality. For example, I think Russell Hobbs is a nice and affordable brand.

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