Juicing: what do you do with the pulp from a slow juicer?

Updated on 29 May 2023
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There are plenty of reasons not to throw away the leftover pulp after juicing. If you are getting a slow juicer for the first time, you will probably be amazed at the amount of pulp left over after juicing. Pulp is the fibre from fruits and vegetables. But what exactly can you do with this? Of course, it is also a waste – and totally unnecessary – to throw it away.

1. Use it in your meal

There are plenty of dishes or recipes where you can use the pulp. To give you an idea, we have a list of recipes for inspiration:

Vegetarian burgers or fritters

The problem with vegetarian burgers is that they are often too wet and the ingredients do not bind together. The moisture content in juicing pulp is very low which makes it excellent for making vegetarian burgers or fritters. Check out this recipe.

Granola or energy balls

Do you like to make your own granola or energy balls? It’s easier than you think. For every 600 grams of oatmeal, you use about 200 grams of pulp. This also makes your granola or energy balls a lot healthier.

Perfect for baking

Add the pulp to your baking dishes for healthier biscuits and cakes. You can also use the pulp as a flavouring. An apple for some sweetness or citrus to balance the sweet flavours.

Vegetable stock

Make your own vegetable stock with the pulp. Very simple and a lot healthier than the ready-made stock you buy in the supermarket. Put the pulp combined with water on the stove and let it simmer for about 2 hours. And ready, your homemade vegetable stock.

2. Use it as compost

Do you have your own garden or a vegetable garden? Plants can also use some nutrients and fortunately the pulp from our juicer is full of them. We don’t have much experience with this ourselves, unfortunately. So we leave it to Homeguides to explain exactly how to make your own compost with the pulp from your juicer.

3. Use it as pet food

You can use the pulp to make dog food. However, you will have to mix it with something or chances are your dog will not want to eat it. Do you keep poultry such as chickens, a pig or a cow? These are a bit less fussy and you can feed the pulp directly.

Conclusion: don’t throw away the pulp from your juicer

I really like healthy and fresh juice and therefore use a slow juicer myself, but I am still amazed at how much waste (pulp) you are left with. To make carrot juice, you just need 2 – 4 carrots. A shame of course and contradictory to preventing all climate problems. Hence, we don’t throw away the pulp. I myself give it to someone who has chickens and we get delicious organic eggs in return.

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