How do coffee grinders affect the taste of your coffee

Updated on 24 Jul 2023
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Does your coffee not taste good and do you always get dirty faces when you serve your guests a nice cup of comfort? Just can’t seem to get the right formula? From experience, I know that it is very important which coffee grinder and coffee grind you use. So this is what I would like to talk about in this blog. You can change some aspects to improve the taste of the black caffeine drink.

All about coffee grind size

There are coffee grinders where you can adjust the grind degree and there are coffee grinders that grind at one density by default. Some coffees, coffee drinks and coffee machines require a coarser grind and others require a very fine grind. It is often good to find the golden mean as it affects the speed at which water can flow or be pressed through the coffee.

Under- and over-extraction

So the grind level does have an effect on the taste of your cup of pleur and this is mainly due to the concept of extraction. By this I mean that the water in the coffee machine extracts the flavour from the coffee beans, and the length of time the water is drawn through the coffee has an effect on the bitterness or, on the contrary, sluggishness of the coffee. If the water is drawn through the machine for too short a time, this is known as under-extraction and if the water is drawn through for too long, this is called over-extraction.

The importance of coffee grinding

So the purpose of a coffee grinder is to properly grind coffee into coarse grains, fine powder or somewhere in the middle. In general, finely ground coffee imparts more flavour than coarse grains because more coffee comes into contact with the water. Of course, this also applies the other way round – with coarse grains, the water comes into less contact with the coffee grounds and therefore takes longer for the water to impart flavour.

Perfecting an espresso

As you can see, it’s not an exact science. You will have to make several cups of espresso with each type of coffee and even with each type of water and taste them so you can determine the flavour. Then adjust the grind accordingly. Not everyone is good at tasting coffee, so it’s not surprising if you do this together with a friend who has good taste buds and a sense for tasting the perfect cup of coffee.

Investing in a coffee grinder

Needless to say, this makes it handy to have a machine you can adjust the grind level on. Since the grind level is essential for making the perfect espresso and cup of coffee, it is useful to invest in such a coffee grinder, especially if you are someone who really loves drinking coffee. Whether at home or in the hospitality industry, a good cup of ‘slobber’ does not brew without a good grind.

Roast date and cups

There are many aspects besides the coffee grinder that can determine the taste of an espresso, cappuccino or latte. For instance, also pay attention to the roast date – were the coffee beans roasted a long time ago or have they been there a bit longer? Nobody likes old and stale coffee beans. Actually, a good espresso is like wine, it is essential that the cups are suited to it. Don’t use a cold cup, for example, and make sure it is made of good material.

Always grind your beans fresh

Still, grinding coffee beans is one of the most important aspects of making a great cup of espresso. There is a huge difference between buying ground coffee from the supermarket and grinding your own beans from that same supermarket. The longer coffee powder is in contact with air, the more stale it becomes and the more it loses its flavour. Experts say you make the best coffee within 15 minutes of grinding the beans.
So invest in a coffee grinder soon and give it a try, I would say.

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