Throwing away your deep fryer, where is the best place to do that?

Deep fat fryer
Updated on 27 May 2023
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Many Dutch families have a deep fryer in their homes. In our case, it is used every now and then. If you use the deep fryer a lot or for a long time, there comes a time when it has had its best day. But a deep fryer is not something you just throw away in the bin. 

It is an electronic device that needs to be disposed of properly, otherwise, it can have negative consequences for the environment. So if your fryer has had its best days then it is important that it is returned properly and responsibly.

Where can I return it?

There are a number of return points for the deep fryer. You can return it to the shop or online service where you buy the new fryer, but there are also plenty of other shops and locations that accept them. Finally, it can be handed in at the local council’s environmental centre.

Returning an old fryer when buying a new one

You can always return a household appliance to the shop where you buy an appliance of a similar type. This is the old-for-new scheme from the government. Every shop is obliged to accept a similar appliance. So it makes absolutely no difference which brand of fryer you hand in, how big the product is or whether the appliance works or not.

The shop is also prohibited from charging for this service. So you can always return your fryer to the shop where you buy a new one. This rule only applies to private individuals, so it does not apply to companies.

Online and telephone purchases

This rule also applies to online or telephone purchases when the product is delivered to your home or to a collection point. The old appliance can then be handed in or given to the delivery person. You can also hand in the fryer at a collection point. Sometimes it is also the case that delivery services and carriers do not give the product. Then there are two other options:

  • The online seller should still collect the appliance within two weeks
  • The online seller sends you packaging so that you can still send the fryer at no cost

Companies cannot refuse this as the old-for-new rule is an obligation.

Not going to buy a new one?

There are also more and more families who do not buy a new deep fryer. Simply because there is no longer a need for it or because it is being replaced by modern and healthy alternatives such as the Airfryer. However, it is important that you still dispose of the fryer responsibly. 

There are plenty of shops where you can hand in discarded appliances, including fryers, free of charge. All this without buying a new appliance. This is the old-for-nothing scheme from the government. This scheme is also only applicable to private individuals. Only shops with a sales area larger than 400 square metres are obliged to accept appliances in any case.

Return to the municipality

Then there is a final option. This is handing it into the municipality. This can be done at a municipal collection point, or you can put the fryer on the pavement with the household waste. You can also make an appointment with the municipality’s collection service…

Plenty of options, so it can be easier than you think

Handing in your fryer is not a huge hassle, it can be easier than you think. So there are plenty of ways, you just need to know which way applies to your situation, but there is a way for every situation. So whatever your situation, turning in your fryer is always possible.

Why is it so important?

Then finally, why is it so important to dispose of the fryer properly? First, it is important because disposing of it in an irresponsible way can be harmful to the environment. Besides, there are plenty of options, and electronic appliances simply need to be handled responsibly when they have had their best days.

Also, many materials from other electrical appliances can be reused. In the long run, this saves a lot of raw materials and thus a lot of waste. So you contribute to a better environment in two ways.

In certain situations, it may take a bit more effort, but think about it: how often do you buy a new fryer? Most fryers can last five years or more. So it is well worth the effort, it is not a weekly, monthly or annual activity.

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