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Food processor
Updated on 27 May 2023
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The food processor is your ideal kitchen helper for all your chopping, grating and slicing. But did you know that there are a lot of accessories on the market that allow you to do much more with it? A chopping knife can be used not only to chop that onion but also to mix pancake batter, for instance. With an attachment, you can make delicious juice in no time. Today I will explain all the food processor accessories to you!

Chopping and mixing

The chopping blade of your food processor is of course used for chopping. Chopping, mixing, slicing. This is great for a large broccoli, for example. You can also use this attachment to mix thick batter. Ready-made pancake mix is no problem at all. Extra butter and sugar? That goes with ease, too!

Grating and slicing

If you have finer cutting and grating work ahead of you, there is also an accessory for this. So you can grate cucumbers, carrots and cheese however and whenever you want.


There is also a whisk for your food processor. With this, you can beat egg whites and cream, for example. So you can make your own delicious whipped cream or meringues. What exactly this attachment looks like may vary from brand to brand, but they all have the same function. Need some help beating egg whites or cream? No problem at all.


Do you like fresh herbs with your food? Who doesn’t? Use the chopper attachment for this. You put your ingredients in a bowl and let the food processor pulse a few times and you put a perfect slip on the table instantly! If you want to crush nuts or chop an onion, this attachment is also great.


We normally distinguish between a blender and a food processor, but there is also a blender attachment. Do you like freshly pureed fruits and vegetables for your smoothies? Then you should use the blender attachment. If the jug is heat-resistant then you can even use it to puree soup! For some food processors, it’s just an attachment, with some you have an entire jug.

The juicer

Enjoying a nice glass of orange juice every morning? Then it’s best to use the juicer attachment. It features a pressing cone that automatically rotates when you press half an orange against it. No need to use force.

Juice extractor attachment

You can turn your food processor into a juicer with this attachment. It allows you to make thin juices without pulp. The filling opening at the top can be used to squeeze the ingredients one by one.

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Food processor

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