Electric toaster: how much energy does it consume?

Updated on 27 May 2023

There is little that is tastier than a delicious toasted sandwich in the morning for breakfast. A bread toaster is many people’s best friend in the kitchen in the morning. But how much energy does our friend actually consume? We are increasingly paying attention to being more conscious of electricity. Once you know what you consume then you can make this easier on yourself.

The definition of a watt

The energy consumption of appliances is expressed in watts. But what exactly is that? Watt is the unit of power or energy per second. 1 Watt equals 1 joule per second. When you have an appliance that has 1000 Watts (equals 1 KiloWatt) of power, it, therefore, consumes 1000 Joules per second.

How much power does a toaster consume?

Now you know the unit of power used, what it means and what it means. Now we can start looking at how much power a toaster consumes. In average use, the toaster consumes between 800 and 1500 watts of power at a time. This is still quite a difference. This is because a toaster can be used in many different ways. If we take a very average look, a toaster consumes around 1200 watts per time.

How much does it cost in the end?

So, now you know how many watts a toaster consumes on average, now on to the next step: how much does it cost in Euros? 

According to the Consumers’ Association, one kWh costs about 0.15 cents including tax. This means that the consumption of a toaster each time with 1200 Watts is equal to 1.2 kWh is equal to 1.2 x 0.15 is €0.18 each time. So suppose you use the toaster every morning, that’s €0.18 x 7 is €1.26 per week x 4 is an average of €5.04 per month.

Conclusion: no big energy guzzlers

So a toaster costs on average about €5 per month in consumption. This means you would spend about €60 a year for the toaster if you used it every day. In principle, they are not big energy guzzlers, but when you add it up it is still a pretty reasonable amount. Depending on your own situation, you can decide whether to have a toasted sandwich every day, or just skip tomorrow.

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