Energy consumption of an air fryer, how many watts does a hot air fryer use?

Updated on 04 Apr 2023
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Exactly how much power does an Airfryer use, and does buying an energy-efficient version make sense? Does it save on energy costs? Today I tell you all about the consumption of hot air fryers.

The answer briefly’

Okay, just the quick answer is as follows: The average power of an Airfryer is around 1,700 watts. It costs around €0.37 in electricity per hour when an energy rate of €0.22 per kWh applies. So the cost of power consumption depends on tomorrow and how long you use the hot air fryer.

Wattage per Airfryer

An Airfryer is not just one appliance. There are different sizes on sale, different types. So that also means there will be differences in power consumption. In fact, a small Airfryer has a smaller power consumption than the largest XXL variant. The distinction is as follows.

  • Airfryer XXL: 2,225 Watt
  • XXL Airfryer: 1,900 Watt
  • XL Airfryer: 1,500 Watt
  • Small Airfryer: 1,200 Watt

So most have a power between 1,500 and 1,900 watts considering the small Airfryer and the XXL variant are not common / not the most sold.

What is the link between power and energy consumption

Suppose an Airfryer has an output of about 1,900 watts. So what does that say about power consumption and power costs? For that, we will have to do some calculations.

Power consumption of appliances is expressed in kilowatts, also known as kWh. One kilowatt hour is 1000 watts. If an Airfryer has a capacity of 1,900 Watt, it uses around 1.9 kWh per hour.

Frying chips and snacks

For example, let’s cook some snacks and fries in the Airfryer. In this example, the Airfryer has a power of 1.7 kilowatts. To fry a large bag of chips in the Airfryer, you need around 25 minutes and the temperature is set at 180 degrees. Before you can actually fry them, you also need to preheat them. All in all, including preheating, you’ll spend half an hour.

Do the math

1.7 kilowatt times half an hour is 0.85 kWh. When the price is €0.22 from your energy supplier, using the Airfryer will cost around: 0.85 times 0.22 = €0.187. So not very expensive!

Consumption and power

So when you want to determine the power costs of the Airfryer, it is important to know what the power of the appliance is, and you also need to know approximately how often you use it. If you use it at most twice a week, then using an Airfryer won’t cost you much more than 1 or 2 euros a month. However, if you use it quite fanatically then the power costs can add up quite a bit.

But what you also have to remember is that you will most likely have one less pan on the stove and therefore consume less here, so it does compensate.

Is an energy-efficient Airfryer worth it?

Then the important question you then naturally want an answer to. Is it worth buying an Airfryer that is energy-efficient?

This is often accompanied by low power. This is not recommended. If the load capacity of your Airfryer is one and a half kilos, for example, the minimum power you should have is around 1700 watts.

If the power is too low, you will lack capacity to keep the pan at the right temperature, which will be to the detriment of the quality of the food. Besides, using the Airfryer is not really expensive at all when converted. So you can feel free to buy a regular Airfryer without spending too much.

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