Boiling eggs in a kettle really can be done!

Updated on 27 May 2023

You can have them during your meal or as a snack. Have you ever wondered if you can also cook food in a kettle? You can’t, can you? Believe it or not, you can cook both a soft-boiled egg and a hard-boiled egg with a kettle. 

Yep! It is very easy, and all you need is a kettle.

Make sure your kettle is hygienic when boiling eggs

It is important that when preparing eggs in the kettle that your kettle is clean. This is because limescale builds up in most kettles, and that’s not necessarily a disastrous problem when you’re boiling water for a cup of tea, but the bacteria will attach to the egg. 

So make sure it’s clean. You won’t have to worry about bacteria then. You should also not boil an egg in the kettle without visible rinsing, these will burn the eggs.

Step 1: Put the eggs in the kettle

Flip open the lid of your kettle. Remove the eggs from the box and then carefully place them in the kettle so that they don’t crack. Do not fill the kettle more than halfway with eggs, otherwise they will not cook evenly. 

Also make sure that when you cook eggs in the kettle, that you don’t shake it so the eggs don’t crack.

Step 2: Cover the eggs for 2.5 centimetres with water

Cover the eggs for about 2.5 centimetres with water. Carefully hold the kettle under the tap and then pour cold water into this. Then make sure not to move the eggs too much so they don’t crack. 

Fill the kettle until the water is around 2.5 centimetres above the eggs. Use cold water so you won’t cook the eggs completely in the kettle if you want soft-boiled eggs. Quickly boiling water when boiling eggs can cause them to ”over-cook” themselves. That, of course, is not tasty.

Step 3: Kettle on, eggs to boil

Make sure the kettle is plugged in and turn it on. Wait for the water to boil and then turn it off. If it does not switch off automatically when it boils, turn it off yourself for a while when it starts bubbling.

Step 4: Remove eggs and place them in a bowl of cold water

Fill a medium-sized bowl with cold water and carefully remove the eggs from the kettle and place them in the bowl so they stop boiling. The bowl should be really cold, you can put a few ice cubes in it if you want to cool them down even faster.

Hard-boiled eggs

Is it the case with hard-boiled eggs that you cook an egg in a different way? No not really, all that matters is that eggs need to cook for at least 15 minutes to be hard-boiled. So they just need to cook for a little longer. This is longer than boiling an egg in the pan, but if you don’t have one available, or you just want to boil an egg easily, this is a perfect solution.

Can you store eggs for a long time?

Have you ever wondered if you can store such a tasty egg? Yes, you can keep eggs longer if you store them. This is sometimes very handy, of course. However, it is then important that you pack the eggs well because otherwise they will get contaminated. You can vacuum-pack eggs. Vacuum-packed products usually keep for about 3 months per bag. However, once you have opened a bag you should consume the eggs quickly afterwards.

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