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Please note that our editorial team always maintains adherence to strict standards of test and research in our projects.

Best in the test

After intensive research, our specialists choose the product, out of the market pool, that stands out within a certain category. Did you find one of your appliances was ranked top of the list? Contact us via, for a special website collaboration.

Affiliate collaboration

We are always interested in setting up new affiliate partnerships. Do you have a website or web shop and would like exposure? Contact us at

Please note that regardless of our business collaborations, our editorial team adheres to strict standards for researching and writing our reviews at all times. These reviews are entirely dependent on our otherwise business activities.


Advertising on our website is a popular option for our affiliates. With thousands of our monthly readers visiting from different countries, we can offer your company with great exposure, so long as your product is great! We also provide the option of purchasing a guest blog with one do-follow backlink (not available to websites in sensitive markets).


We often answer questions from journalists, and are always happy to do so. If you have a question, or would like to set up an interview, contact us at

Other cooperation possibilities

Would you like to set up a collaboration in a different way? We are always open to a discussion. Send us an email at with your thoughts and/or proposal and we will discuss it together.