An Airfryer, what can you do with it?

Updated on 27 May 2023
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So, you got yourself one of those fancy Airfryers. Now you really want to make something with it. But what can you make in an Airfryer? I myself have had the Airfryer for a long time, and I am very happy with it, I can tell you! You can do a lot of things with it that, as a first-time user, I didn’t even know about. Today, I am going to give you a handy overview of what you can and cannot make with an Airfryer.

Fresh fries and frozen fries

Of course, this is what it is famous for, the Airfryer. You can prepare all kinds of fries in it, whether they are fresh or frozen. I have personally noticed that you often get better results with frozen fries. They are ready faster and you don’t have to let them defrost either. Preheat the Airfryer to 180 degrees and put them in for around 15 minutes.


You might not expect this, but meat also becomes very tasty from the Airfryer. You can actually compare it to a grill or barbecue. You should think roughly of this flavour. You season your meat with some salt and pepper. Fry sausages for around 10 minutes at 180 degrees, a pork chop a little longer. Bake a steak for around 8 minutes at 180 degrees. Meat from the Airfryer is super tasty!


You can make all potato products such as ordinary potatoes, potato croquettes and so on from the Airfryer. Bake them for around 12 to 15 minutes at 200 degrees. If you prepare fresh potatoes, however, it is important to soak them in cold water first and then dry them off, otherwise, acrylamide can occur. This substance is harmful and you should definitely watch out for it.


Another thing the Airfryer is known for. Preparing those tasty bitterballen, croquettes, frikandells and so on. These are great for the air fryer. The results can vary, but there are also snacks, especially for the Airfryer. These do get nice and crispy. You can also prepare ordinary snacks, but these can sometimes come out of the Airfryer limp. If you put them on a sandwich, that is certainly not a disaster, but to eat them like this is slightly less tasty. The special variants often turn out just a little better. You put these straight from the freezer into the Airfryer and bake them for around 11 minutes at about 200 degrees; frikandells will be ready a little faster.


You might not expect this either, but you can also cook vegetables perfectly well in the Airfryer. Who doesn’t love grilled cauliflower or broccoli? You cook with hot air instead of water or oil, so choose the vegetables you cook in the Airfryer carefully. But there are countless vegetable recipes you can prepare with an Airfryer!

Oil balls

You normally deep-fry oil balls too, so why shouldn’t you be able to use them in the Airfryer? I can tell you, they are delicious from the Airfryer! The result is slightly different because you don’t use fat, but it is still delicious! You bake them for 3 minutes at 160 degrees.

What can’t you make in an air fryer?

There are a few things you can’t make from an Airfryer. Food in liquid batter, however, often does not lead to success. Normally you just do this in hot oil, but you don’t currently have that. Fish in batter that has been pre-fried can be made from the Airfryer. It will only release some smoke. Also, dishes that need to be cooked in water or broth are better not prepared in the Airfryer, so dried pasta is not really a good idea either. 

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