The advantages of a cast iron frying pan

Cast iron skillet
Updated on 27 May 2023
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The cast iron casserole, I myself have been cooking with it for years. Gradually, I began to experience more and more advantages of this beautiful type of pan. I have listed some of them for you here. If you start cooking with a cast-iron frying pan, you will really benefit from it!

They are durable

They are actually virtually indestructible and they last a very long time. At least, if you maintain the pan properly. They can sometimes last a generation, sometimes even longer. So really a durable pan. I use them almost every day. Mine is already 10 years old, but there are even people who still have a frying pan from the 1930s that still works fine.

Safe cooking works better

These days, there are so many pans with coatings and chemical non-stick coatings. None of this is necessary, a cast iron pan can withstand high temperatures with ease. The non-stick coating also scratches quickly and it, therefore, gets damaged more easily. Of course, you don’t want a coating in your food. Then you should use a cast iron pan. 

The use of cast iron dates back very far, in China before our Western era. Back then, preparing food with cast iron was already a common practice there, after which this trend spread all over the world. It has a long history and this age-old global use demonstrates its safety. In fact, it is still used all over the world today. It is a form of cooking that is simply always safe and the pan lasts an extremely long time, provided you take care of proper maintenance.

Cooking at high temperatures works better

Moving on to the point of safe cooking. You can use cast iron to cook at low temperatures, but very high temperatures are no problem either. And that, of course, is only to be commended.

After all, you can turn up the heat without damaging the pan. This is a huge advantage of a cast iron frying pan, given that some types of meat require higher temperatures. In doing so, you get meat with more flavour, a whole new sensation. Of course, as an avid home cook, that makes you extra happy!

Cast iron is suitable for any heat source

In short: you can basically use cast iron for any heat source. Be it gas, ceramic, barbecue, induction, oven, open fire, halogen or electric. No matter how old-fashioned or modern your way of cooking is, you can use a cast iron casserole with all types of heat sources. This is something that obviously makes the average home cook very happy!

Much more even cooking of food

When the pan is at a good temperature the food will cook much faster. You will definitely experience and appreciate this with a cast iron skillet as a home cook. Then you can cook several things and larger dishes in one pan at the same time without burning.

It retains heat better

Your dish stays hot longer because cast iron can retain heat better. When you serve food from a cast iron skillet, it will stay at a great temperature while you eat. This is naturally delicious. There are plenty of pans where food gets cold pretty quickly, but luckily cast iron does not have that problem!

You get real value for money

The purchase price can be quite high, but when you take into account the long lifespan and other advantages of the cast iron frying pan, it is a very good value for money. It is a pan with incredible benefits, you really get value for money and the pan will last for generations to come!

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Cast iron skillet

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