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Updated on 27 May 2023
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The well-known saying ”good things come in small packages” really applies perfectly to gadgets in the kitchen. Sometimes what you need in the kitchen is small but hugely powerful and helps you take your favourite dishes to a new level. 

In any case, that’s how Linda Spiker thinks. She is the author of the beloved cookbook Organic Kitchen and she shares her favourite tools in the kitchen that are indispensable for any chef of all experience levels!

1: The chef’s knife

A sharp knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen for any chef. The Wüsthof Classic Ikon chef’s knife features a full-tang blade and has a tremendously comfortable handle. I own this kitchen knife myself and the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee is all you need to take your kitchen skills to a new level.

2: Microplane

The microplane is a kitchen tool that not everyone knows about, yet a very affordable and versatile device. You can use it to grate garlic, citrus fruits and delicious parmesan cheese for over your pasta and pizzas. 

This kitchen appliance comes in all shapes and sizes. After hours of grating, they still remain razor-sharp. A real kitchen gadget of unprecedented quality that, an experienced cook or not, you simply must have in your kitchen! In any case, it makes my life a whole lot easier, and I also get a lot of creative ideas from it to spice up my dishes!

3: The hand juicer

Do you love delicious fruity juices? But hate that hassle you face every time it comes to keeping the seeds out? Then you won’t be able to do without a portable and compact juicer once you give this one a try. Enjoy delicious lime and lemon juice without a single seed with Zulay Kitchen’s hand juicer!

4: Joule sous vide

Deliciously tender meat. Who doesn’t love it? With this handy device, you can make deliciously tender and juicy meat without a big machine. The joule sous vide is a wonderful kitchen tool you didn’t know you needed, yet it really is. The joule sous vide from ChefSteps is a hugely compact. It will fit in any kitchen drawer!

5: The battery-powered pepper mill

Who doesn’t enrich their food with pepper? Let’s face it, this spice is one of the best things you can incorporate into your dishes. It goes with almost everything. Black pepper, and white pepper, for centuries, these have been the seasoning of many dishes. 

If you use it a lot, you would prefer a pepper mill that works as practically as possible, right? After all, you don’t always have two hands to grind properly and freely. A battery-operated pepper mill like the one you have from Eukein, for example, is then really a lifesaver.

You can then prepare raw meat with one hand and work on the spices with the other so you avoid creating cross-contamination and having to wash your hands excessively.

6: An Airfryer

Anyone who thinks that an air fryer only allows you to “fry” fries in a healthy way is sorely mistaken. An air fryer is extremely handy to have in your home, precisely because it is so versatile. From quickly toasting a sandwich to baking a pizza: there are many options. It’s best to buy a Philips air fryer, but or take a look at our TOP-10 of the best air fryers.

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Food processor

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