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Food processor
Updated on 27 May 2023
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You see it in more and more people’s kitchens: the food processor. Everyone talks about how handy it is. Are you considering buying a food processor? We explain exactly what is so handy about this appliance.

#1 Multifunctional and indispensable

It is an indispensable appliance for every home chef. You can do an enormous amount with it. We are talking about an appliance that takes a lot of difficult tasks in the kitchen right out of your hands. Making sauces, soups, smoothies, kneading dough, mixing and sauteing ingredients, you name it. If you are an avid home cook or want to learn to cook better, or in general take your recipes to a new level then this multifunctional device is indispensable!

#2 It invites you to cook more

It’s very simple. The device invites you to cook more. After all, the food processor makes it all a lot easier for you. Especially if you buy one with dishwasher-safe parts. Then the food processor takes the chores off your hands, and besides, it is very easy to clean. When things are made so easy for you, you also want to cook much more often and much more preferably. Because yes, who doesn’t like convenience?

#3 Blender? You don’t need one anymore!

You no longer need a blender in your house, it’s now completely unnecessary! You can make smoothies very easily with a food processor. Only not the other way around, you can’t do many tasks with a blender that a food processor can. That’s why it’s better to opt for a food processor.

#4 Easier to prepare large quantities of food

Because you can work faster and more efficiently, you can also prepare large quantities of food more easily. You get more enjoyment out of it, cooking becomes easier, and then when you’re hosting a large party, you feel much more comfortable both with the tasks themselves and mentally. In addition, a large bowl on the food processor also comes in handy, if you have one then, besides working more efficiently, you can also prepare large quantities more easily in one go instead of having to perform the same tasks several times.

#5 It saves you time

This is the main reason why people buy food processors. It saves you a huge amount of time. For example, a food processor can knead dough 10x faster than you can by hand. We have busy lives these days, and then we often look forward to cooking in the evenings, because that also takes a lot of time. But a food processor takes these tasks out of your hands and does it faster and better than if you have to do it by hand. So, save time and enjoy cooking more? Then a food processor is for you!

In a nutshell

So, in a nutshell. A food processor basically does all the tasks you have to do by hand, but better and faster. It invites you to cook more often, it saves time and you can buy for a larger party more easily. For some, the purchase price is quite an investment, but a food processor will last for years and the time savings alone are more than worth it!

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Food processor

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