Airfryer accessories: 5 accessories not to be missed

Updated on 27 May 2023
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There are several handy accessories for the AIrfryer including the Philips XXL and the Philips XL, such as a splash cover, grill rack, baking pan and grill plate, but which accessories are the best to have in your home? Here we discuss five accessories that should not be missing with your Airfryer!

#1 Airfryer baking tray

The Airfryer griddle ensures that the Airfryer does not smoke as quickly, as the fat does not end up at the bottom of the tray. It is also perfect for American Pancakes, Airfryer Pizzas or a tasty omelette. A handy accessory for any Airfryer lover.

#2 Silicone baking tins

Silicone baking tins are Airfryer-proof. This is because not all baking tins can go in the Airfryer. But with silicone baking tins, at least you know you will always be fine. You can use them to make delicious muffins, vegetable tarts or other small dishes. Delicious, safe and tasty!

#3 Snack set

The snack set for the Airfryer comes highly recommended. Developed especially for the Airfryer, the sturdy snack lid is highly recommended for your Philips Airfryer. In my opinion, the tongs don’t add particularly much, but the lid is handy and multifunctional. It prevents the Airfryer from smoking with greasy dishes, but you can also use it to keep light products in the basket so they don’t go flying around.

#4 Pizza kit

The pizza kit is extremely handy for those who can’t resist pizza from the Airfryer. Flat dough crispy baking, and a pizza ready in less than 10 minutes. Pizza, tarte flambée, focaccia, you name it. This handy pizza plate is a must-have!

#5 Grill rack

The Airfryer grill rack/grill plate is also an interesting option for real meat lovers. With the 6 spears you get with it, you can easily make delicious meat dishes from the hot air fryer. Swap the bottom of your Airfryer for the grill plate when frying meat, vegetables or fish. The plate gets hot and therefore ensures that your dish is really cooked. It is also protected with a non-stick coating. 


What accessories do you need with an Airfryer?

The Airfryer baking tray, silicone baking moulds, snack sets, pizza kit and grill rack are accessories that should not be missing from your Airfryer. All have their own function with the same purpose. Making dishes easier to prepare and improving their quality!

Which accessories for Philips Airfryer XXL?

You can buy the same accessories for an Airfryer XL as XXL, just make sure you actually buy the right variant, as there are accessories specifically for the XL and XXL variants.

Why the snack lid for an Airfryer?

With the snack lid, you can prepare almost any snacks you would like without anything splashing against your heat elements, which could cause a smoking Airfryer.

Why Splatter Lid for an Airfryer?

The splatter lid also ensures that you have less trouble with a smoking Airfryer and that your food doesn’t start flying around in the Airfryer. This comes in handy when you’re making a pizza or sandwich, for example, or dishes with loose ingredients. This is also a perfect solution when baking a cake or bread. to prevent the top from blackening.

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