4 surprising things you can do with eggs!

Egg boiler
Updated on 22 Aug 2023
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Eggs are delicious, everyone loves them. They are nutritious, and healthy, and you can prepare them in many ways. Fried, boiled, or poached, from the pan, microwave or oven. You name it. 

There are still some things you can do with eggs that few people know about. Today, I will take you through 5 surprising things you can do with eggs!

Improve soup

egg soup

This certainly surprised me when I saw it. You can add yolks or egg whites to your favourite soups. Then you think okay, what’s so special about that? You completely take your soups to another level. Everyone prefers soups that are nice and smooth and creamy.

When you stir in a beaten egg yolk just before serving you get a really smooth sheen. For soups you make from broth, let the egg whites flow slowly through the soup while you stir. Do this for several minutes and you will serve a wonderfully smooth and creamy soup.

The first time I did this, a world opened up for me. Really a whole new taste sensation!

Crispy eggs

Crispy Sunny Side Up Egg

You’ve probably eaten them in a restaurant. Tasty crispy eggs. These are heartily delicious. But if you’ve experienced the same thing as I have, trying to make them crispy and crunchy is often a complete failure. However, there is a foolproof method of making them.

With this method, you get an egg that is nice and crispy on the bottom with egg whites that are fluffy and a yolk that is runny. If you don’t like a liquid yolk, you can flip it in the pan at the last moment when the bottom is crispy and leave it around 10 to 20 seconds, then serve. That way you can let the yolk harden while the white still remains nice and fluffy.

Add a large amount of olive oil to the pan and heat it until it starts to fry. Add your egg and put them on low heat. You will soon find that this will give you a delicious and crispy egg. Delicious! In less than a minute, you will have delicious eggs with fluffy white and runny yolks that are perfectly crispy on the bottom. Delicious with your toast.


Omelette Waffle
Source: CTV

If you sometimes use a waffle iron to make your breakfast, you don’t need a pan at all! You can easily make an omelette in the waffle iron. Simply beat a few eggs with cheese and salt, grease the waffle iron and bake for 3 to 4 minutes. Then you have a delicious omelette. Homemade from your waffle iron.

If you do it right, you can also take them right out and your waffle iron won’t get dirty. You just have to let the eggs fry long enough, otherwise, it will be a dirty mess. At least 3 minutes. Sometimes a little longer may be needed depending on the kind of waffle iron you have.

Steamed eggs

Steam boiled eggs

If you make some hard-boiled eggs as a snack then steaming eggs is the way to go. I don’t quite understand why. But when you steam an egg it seems a lot easier to peel than when you cook them any other way!

By the way, steaming eggs is not difficult at all either, and you’ll have a delicious hard-boiled egg in no time. So give it a try, they are easier to peel and they taste just as good, maybe even better!

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Egg boiler

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