What can’t go in the air fryer? 10 things you do NOT use the air fryer for

Updated on 27 May 2023
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When you have an Airfryer, it is a lot of fun to experiment with it. The craziest things can sometimes be quite delicious from the Airfryer, but there are also things you shouldn’t put in the Airfryer. Only this is not really clear to many people. We list 10 things of things that can NOT go in the Airfryer.

#1 Baking paper

I see it quite often anyway, people using baking paper in the Airfryer. Usually on the premise of keeping the Airfryer clean. Yet we strongly advise against using baking paper in the Airfryer. This is because it obstructs the airflow, and that hampers performance, so don’t do it!

#2 Sweet marinades

Most marinades involve adding sugar. This can be for meat, fish, or chicken. You can think of quite sweet and syrupy sauces or marinades. Again, this is not useful for the Airfryer. This is because the Airfryer is used with quite high temperatures, and then these marinades will caramelise and burn.

#3 Very light ingredients

Apple slices, nuts, herb sprigs, seeds, and so on. These are all ingredients that are better not to put in the Airfryer. This is because light ingredients can easily start flying around in Airfryer, they can be sucked in by the fan and then they get caught by the hot coil. The ingredient burns and smoke ensues.

#4 Fatty meat

Actually, you can put all your meat in the Airfryer. But then again, options like bacon strips might be better left out. A splatter cover is needed to prevent smoke in the Airfryer with this kind of meat. The fat in the meat will melt and drip at the bottom of the pan. Fat splatters will be blown against the heating spiral, making for a dirty and smoking Airfryer.

#5 Trays, plates and dishes that are not oven-proof

Be careful with plates, dishes and trays that are not oven-proof, as these can melt. Anything you can’t put in the oven also applies to the Airfryer.

#6 Deep-frying fat and oil

Another absolute NO GO, NEVER put deep-frying fat and oil in the AIrfryer. HEt is meant for the frying pan. The Airfryer suffices with hot air.

#7 Sharp objects

Another obvious NO-GO. No metal spoons, spatulas, knives, forks and other sharp objects. These can damage the non-stick coating. Use silicone plastic cookware.

#8 Low water

Even a small layer of water on the bottom of a pan helps against splashing grease. And a little water with some lemon makes the Airfryer easier to clean. Still, it is not recommended to fill the AIrfryer pan with water and turn it on. An Airfryer is electronic, so you should always be careful with water and liquid. So don’t!

#9 Melting cheese

Cheese can go in the Airfryer, but it is quite difficult to melt cheese in the Airfryer at a high temperature. When you make a pizza in the Airfryer you will find that you get crispy gratinated cheese, so no cheese-pulls with your pizza points. It can be done, but it’s not recommended.

#10 Frozen croquettes

The standard frozen croquette. Everyone has tried it. A white croquette that you would normally put in the deep fryer. When you want to fry such a croquette in the Airfryer, it will be disappointing compared to your expectations. It comes out almost as pale and often even cracked open. Not crispy and brown as you would like.


Why can’t regular fries go in the air fryer?

Quite simply, it’s not meant for it. Regular fries are designed for frying. Airfryer fries are designed for the Airfryer. If you want those nice golden-brown, crispy fries, you need special Airfryer fries.

Can everything go in the air fryer at once?

A fair amount can go in the Airfryer at a time, but when the bottom is covered, it’s full. Don’t go stacking, that will make your food less crispy and often not cooked,

Can you put aluminium foil in the air fryer?

No, you can’t. When you put aluminium foil in the Airfryer it reduces the airflow in the Airfryer, which causes reduced performance.

Can I put an oven dish in the air fryer?

An oven dish can go in the Airfryer. This is because it is ovenproof. Non-ovenproof dishes should therefore not be put in the Airfryer. These dishes will melt at high temperatures.

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