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Updated on 24 Jul 2023
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Especially with gas prices shooting through the roof in recent years, more and more people are switching to an induction hob instead of a gas cooker. Electric cooking is becoming increasingly popular, and although for decades we had to go right to gas, it is now even encouraged by the government to switch to induction. I would like to introduce you to cooking on induction and will give the ten biggest advantages of this way of cooking.

Ten reasons to switch

Almost everyone in the Netherlands cooks for themselves at home in the evening. Some prefer Italian spaghetti, others prefer Indonesian noodles and others love the old stamppot again. Whatever you like, the question is – what are the advantages of induction?

The cooking of the new age

Did you know that by the year 2020, a whopping 83 per cent of all new homes were fitted with an induction hob? It shows that we are actually living in a new era with a new way of cooking. Some things in the kitchen will be forever different, but not much will change in terms of the taste of food.

1 – You can control the temperature well

Whereas with gas it is always a bit of a guess how high the temperature is, with the slightly better induction plates you can set yourself how many degrees the plate should be at. This is ideal for those who want to cook with a lot of precision. A schnitzel never burns again with induction cooking.

2 – You can set the time properly

Another advantage is that you can also set the time when cooking. For example, if you want to go to the shop and an egg is cooking on the cooker, the better plates allow you to set exactly how long the plate should be hot and at how many degrees. It shoots out automatically when it’s time. Isn’t that ideal?

3 – Pans heat up quickly

A pan heats up much faster on induction than on gas. There is a ‘boost’ option on many hobs these days. This boost function ensures that a pan heats up completely within a few tens of seconds. It not only saves energy, but also time.

4 – Never put the flame in the pan again

If you are a braai-basher at heart, you have probably seen the flame in a hot pan. The fat in the pan is then so hot that it starts to burn. This can only happen with an open flame, like with gas, but with the induction hob it no longer happens. So you no longer have to worry about the flame in the pan.

5 – Cooking is especially safe

Whereas fires used to happen quite often because of a gas cooker and what was on it, with induction hobs it is a lot less dangerous. The chance of a real fire starting because of induction cooking is very small, much smaller than with a gas cooker, for example.

6 – You won’t burn your fingers

The plate of an induction hob actually only gets hot when a pan is on it. So the hob doesn’t get hot when you turn it on without anything on it. The big advantage of this is that you won’t burn your fingers so easily. And of course, in a household with children, this is also totally convenient.

7 – It is healthier for the air quality

Did you know that an induction hob releases less particulate matter and combustion gases into the air? That means cooking on induction hobs is much cleaner for the air quality in your home. It’s nice for your lungs to breathe in clean air and you’re less likely to get sick.

8 – Easier to keep clean

Of course, it depends a bit on the quality, but if you have a hob from a good brand, you will see that it is easy to keep the hob clean. In any case, you have less work than with a gas hob, with which it is always more difficult to keep the various parts clean.

9 – It is very economical

Did you know that cooking on induction is one of the most economical ways of preparing food. Not only will you use less gas, but the energy loss is also much less. Whereas with gas you lose around 40 to as much as 50 per cent of the heat to the environment, with an induction hob you only have 10 or 20 per cent loss.

10 – You pay less for gas

One of the biggest reasons for people to switch to induction hobs is always the wallet. Did you know that you can really save a lot of money with such a switch? We are talking about several hundred euros a year.

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