Buying a toaster? These are the very best toasters of 2023!

Updated on 04 Aug 2023

Delicious toasted bread is one of the tastiest things there is. For our toaster test, we have extensively tested 15 toasters based on: build quality, ease of use, features and performance so that we can share with you the best offers. When making the selection with the best 10 toasters, our editors take into account everyone’s budget and needs.

Like us, do you love delicious toasted bread, time after time? The nice thing about a toaster is that you don’t have to stand by it. This leaves you time in the morning for other things. But what is the best option for you, do you go for a standard toaster, or do you want one with more extensive features like a toaster iron. Do you go for a stainless steel toaster, or is a retro toaster something for you. They come in all sorts of trendy designs with many different functions.

TOP-10 best 2023 toasters

TOP-10 beste 2023 broodroosters

Looking for your new trusty toaster? Below is our selection of the 10 best 2023 toasters – compiled by our editors. We hope to make your choice easier for you. Can’t figure it out and could use some help? Then contact us, we are happy to help.

The best toaster in the test 1

Siemens Toaster TT86104

The Siemens Toaster TT86104 is the best toaster in our test in all areas. The toaster feels sturdy, looks classy (available in a variety of colors) and comes with many extra features such as a defrost function, toaster attachment and a keep-warm function. In total, you have multiple settings where you have 5 browning modes to choose from.

The Siemens Toaster TT86104 is quite an expensive toaster, but when reviewing the build quality, you noticed how sturdy this toaster is compared to other appliances. The exterior will not get high temperatures for your safety and crumbs fall into the crumb tray. This makes it easier to keep the appliance clean.

  • Fantastic build quality
  • Additional features
  • Suitable for large family
  • Sleek design
  • With crumb tray
  • Exterior does not get hot
  • Pretty pricey
In short

Our conclusion

The Siemens Toaster TT86104 is the absolute number one in our test thanks to great build quality, beautiful design and extra features. This Siemens toasts two slices per round. If you have a large family and would like to toast multiple sandwiches at once, check out our TOP-10.

The best buy 2023 2

Philips HD2590/90

Looking for the best toaster at a good price? The Philips Daily HD2590/90 is the toaster with the best value for money from our test. For less than 30 euros you get a good toaster at home.

Despite the low price, the Philips HD2590/90 is equipped with a number of useful features such as a defrost mode and 8 browning levels. Thanks to the long slot, this Philips toaster is suitable for different sizes of bread. In total, you can put 2 slices in it.

  • Best buy: Only 30 Euro
  • 8 browning levels
  • Compact design
  • Top grid for croissants
  • Toaster without fuss
  • Good value for money
  • No warming function
In short

Our conclusion

The Philips Daily HD2590/90 is the best buy in our test. It is simply a good toaster for a relatively low price. It is not the most luxurious toaster, for example, this Philips toaster does not have a warming function or a top-up toaster for croissants or other sandwiches.

The best toaster for large families 3

Brabantia BBEK1031N

Do you regularly have breakfast with the whole family? Save yourself waiting times by buying a larger toaster. The Brabantia toaster came out of our test as the best large toaster; thanks in part to its beautiful stainless steel finish.

Looking for a large toaster that allows you to toast several slices of bread at once? Then choose the Brabantia BBEK1031N Our editors tested several large toasters, but this one from Brabantia was ultimately the best. Partly because we are big fans of the material stainless steel, which is easy to maintain and gives a chic look.

With this toaster you prepare 4 slices of bread at a time, which makes it suitable for a family of up to 6 people. In total, you have a choice of 7 different toasting modes, a defrost and warm function. Thanks to the extra thick slots, this toaster is suitable for thick-cut bread .

  • Toast 4 slices of bread at a time
  • Very practical to use
  • 7 grilling functions plus defrost and heat function
  • stainless steel housing
  • Thick slots
  • Takes up a fair amount of space
In short

Our conclusion

The Brabantia BBEK1031N is our favorite for large families. Not only thanks to its spacious size, but also because of its build quality and ease of use. For example, you have two control panels when you want to toast less than 4 slices of bread. Keep in mind that this toaster takes up quite a bit of space, so check the dimensions carefully.

The best toaster for a small kitchen 4

Bosch TAT3A014

Do you have a small kitchen and/or already have enough kitchen appliances in your home? No worries, there are plenty of small toasters around, of which we chose the Bosch TAT3A014 as the best option. This toaster fits perfectly on a small countertop thanks to its compactness. This compact toaster has unique looks, delivers consistent results and is multifunctional thanks to the included warming rack for those who like the occasional croissant for breakfast.

The Bosch TAT3A014 is not only the most compact toaster in our test, but also definitely comes close to the beauty prize. This toaster from German Bosch is available in several colors: red, black and white. In total, this toaster has 6 different browning modes and has a defrost function.

  • Compact size
  • Beautiful design
  • 6 different positions
  • In different colors
  • Suitable for small kitchen
  • Plastic housing
  • Side can get hot
In short

Our conclusion

The Bosch TAT3A014 is a compact and attractive toaster with consistent results. Keep in mind that the slots are slightly smaller due to its compact size. What we found unfortunate is that the housing is plastic (although it feels sturdy) and the side can get very hot while toasting bread. Thus, this toaster is less suitable for a family with young children.

The best toaster with retro look 5

SMEG Toaster

You might have guessed it: the SMEG Toaster is the best toaster with a retro look. Available in all the colors of the rainbow, this amazing toaster will suffice in any kitchen. Thanks to its spacious size, you don’t toast 2 slices of bread at once, but 4 slices.

The SMEG toaster offers 6 different settings with which you determine how brown you want the slices of bread. In addition, this toaster has a keep-warm and defrost function and a sandwich clamp – also called toastabags. Single-sided toasting is also an option.

  • Capacity for 4 slices of bread
  • Perfect for the retro lover
  • Toast clamp included
  • In different colors
  • 6 different positions
  • With defrost function
  • With sandwich clamp
  • Quite pricey
  • Large in size
In short

Our conclusion

This retro toaster from SMEG not only looks sleek; it has convenient features and a large capacity for 4 slices of bread. But of course, it comes with a hefty price tag that you have to decide for yourself if you think it’s worth it. Note that this toaster is large in size; so check the dimensions first.

The best toaster for design lovers 6

KitchenAid 5KMT3115HESD

Although we also really liked the SMEG toaster, we voted the KitchenAid toaster as the most beautiful toaster. Of course, this remains subjective and you may disagree with us.

KitchenAid is among the popular brands of toasters. Do you want your kitchen appliances to match the style of your kitchen? The KitchenAid 5KMT3115HESD with extra-wide slots took the beauty prize from our test. As it were, a true ”home basic” toaster. This KitchenAid toaster is available in different colors: red and almond white. Because of the different colors you will always find a toaster that matches your kitchen.

Nowadays, there are so many toasters. The KitchenAid 5KMT3115HESD is a basic toaster from one of the popular brands that you buy mainly for its design, build quality and sturdiness. It has one long slot that can hold two slices of bread. A long slot can be useful if your slices of bread are a little larger on average. In addition, with a long slot or extra-wide slot, you keep several options open. Then you can always make delicious toast the way you like it. Furthermore, it offers 4 modes: bagels toasting, defrosting, reheating or longer toasting.

  • Best design-toaster on the market
  • Long and extra wide slot
  • Very strong build quality
  • 4 different positions
  • In different colors
  • Housing can get hot
  • Can get hot on the outside
In short

Our conclusion

Despite the great design and sturdy build quality, we find it unfortunate that this toaster from KitchenAid is not really safe for families with young children. In fact, we noticed that the housing can get quite hot. Otherwise, it is an excellent toaster that you won’t regret. If you would like a KitchenAid with extra features, check out the KitchenAid Toaster 5KMT2204EMS.

The best toaster for sandwich lovers 7

Princess 142354

Looking for a bargain? This Princess 142354 does what it needs to do without paying top dollar for it.

Do you like to make sandwiches? Then buy a toaster with a sandwich clamp. The Princess 142354 came out of the test as the best toaster with sandwich clamps. Here we looked not only at the quality, but also at the price. The Princess 142354 may not be the very best in terms of build quality, but it is the most affordable option.

The Princess 142354 is a compact toaster with 6 heating levels, a warming function and a defrost function. Make toasted sandwiches with the included clamps. Keep in mind that the slots are quite small.

  • Very affordable
  • Toast clamp included
  • Reasonable build quality for the price
  • stainless steel housing
  • With defrost function
  • 6 heating function
  • Small slots
In short

Our conclusion

The Princess 142354 is the most affordable toaster with sandwich clips. In doing so, we have to admit that the build quality is okay. Another option is to buy separate sandwich clamps. Tip: be sure to check which brands these sandwich clamps are compatible with.

The best toaster with stainless steel housing 8

Sage the Smart Toaster 4

If you’ve visited our site before then you know we’re big fans of durable materials like stainless steel (SS). The Sage the Smart Toaster 4 came out of our test as the best toaster with stainless steel housing. This toaster from Sage not only has an excellent build quality; it is also a luxury device with additional features.

The Sage the Smart Toaster 4 is a spacious toaster with 4 slots for bread, which is enough for a medium to large household. Thanks to the wide slots, you can also use this toaster for croissants, bagels and burger sandwiches. This bread toaster comes with a bagel function. With this function, you toast a slice of bread on one side while the other side stays warm.

Another handy feature that sets this Sage toaster apart is the `Lift & Look’ button. This allows you to quickly check the color of the slices of bread without stopping the browning process. In total, this toaster gives you a choice of 4 temperature settings, a warming and defrost function.

  • stainless steel toaster
  • Cool wall against danger of burning your fingers
  • Wide slots
  • 4 slices of bread at a time
  • With bagging function
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Reheating and defrosting function
  • Quite pricey
In short

Our conclusion

The Sage the Smart Toaster 4 came out on top in our test for stainless steel toasters. It owes this in part to luxury features such as the bagel function, elevator & look button and the cool wall so you don’t have to burn your fingers. In short, a good choice for anyone who likes to buy products with good build quality (= longevity).

The best toaster for 1 sandwich 9

Russell Hobbs 24200-56

Are you with a small household? Then a large toaster is unnecessary. With this Russell Hobbs 24200-56, you get an excellent toaster that does not take up too much space.

Are you with a one- or two-person household and toast one sandwich at a time? The Russell Hobbs 24200-56 has been voted the best single slot toaster by our editors. This toaster features a stainless steel housing with cool wall which makes this toaster suitable for a family with young children as well as the elderly.

With Russell Hobbs 24200-56 you have a choice of 6 browning modes including a defrost and warm function. What we also found convenient is that it comes with an attachment grid for such things as croissants or bagels. Due to its compact size, this device uses 40% less energy compared to other toasters.

  • stainless steel housing
  • 40% less energy consumption
  • 6 browning modes
  • Suitable for any kitchen
  • Exterior does not get hot
  • Uses 40% less energy
  • Not suitable for large families
In short

Our conclusion

The Russell Hobbs 24200-56 is not the cheapest toaster, but in return you get excellent build quality and convenient features. Its compact size makes this toaster suitable for any kitchen, but again less suitable for larger families. We also noticed that with this product you can always count on perfectly toasted bread.

The best cheap toaster 10

Philips Daily HD2581/00

For the most affordable multi-function toaster, choose the Philips Daily HD2581/100.

The Philips Daily HD2581/00 is the best affordable toaster. This toaster for under 3 tens is an excellent bread toaster for the price you pay. It gives you a choice of 8 different modes, a defrost, reheat and cancel function. Keep in mind that the housing is plastic, but fortunately this product features a cool wall. So there’s no need to burn your fingers!

This Philips bread toaster has 2 slots for the bread. These slots are quite small, so you sometimes have to cut the bread into 2 pieces. This is a bit less convenient, which is why this toaster is mainly meant for smaller households.

  • Lots of functionality for little money
  • No burnt fingers thanks to cool wall
  • Great build quality for little money
  • for 2 slots
  • 8 temperature settings
  • Defrost and reheat function
  • Small slots
In short

Our conclusion

Just want a toaster for little money? Then the Philips Daily HD2581/00 is the best choice. Despite the low price, you toast the bread with different function you can choose from. All in all, a good choice for anyone who wants to make the occasional toast without spending a lot of money.

Overview with the 10 best toasters from our test

Features toaster: which ones matter to you?

Functies broodrooster: welke zijn voor jou van belang?

A toasted sandwich can be done in a variety of ways. A toaster, also known as a toaster, comes in many different designs. Perhaps you’re looking for a decent toaster for a few dollars or you prefer a more luxurious toaster with one of the features below:

  • Defrost function: Are you often in a hurry? Then make use of the defrost function to quickly defrost your sandwiches and make nice fast toasted bread.
  • Warm-up function: Do you want to keep bread slices warm / warm only and not toast them? Then choose the keep warm function. You can lower your bread and the bread roaster will make your bread nice and warm.
  • Top toaster for sandwiches: a sandwich attachment that allows reheating croissants or other sandwiches that do not fit in the bread grill.
  • Single-sided roasting: tasty toasted bread is different for everyone. With this feature, you toast the slice of bread from one side.
  • Variable slot width: If the slice of bread does not fit in the toaster then you can widen the slot opening with the variable slot width.
  • Toast Clamp: Do you like to make sandwiches? Save yourself a sandwich iron by buying a bread rack with a sandwich clamp.
  • Automatic bread concentration: always perfectly evenly toasted bread on both sides

Other toasters tested

Overige geteste broodroosters

In total, we tested 15 toasters. Most toasters do a fine job, as there is no very complicated technology behind toasting bread. However, there is a lot of difference in features, build quality and performance.

  • Dualit Vario 2 + 1 Combi it wouldn’t have been far off if this toaster was number one. However, we liked the design of the Siemens more and the price was also a lot lower; which we also take into account in our toasters test.
  • Severin AT 2509 the Severin AT 2509 is a toaster with a Long-slot for 4 slices of toasted bread.
  • Schneider Retro Toaster Do you think the vintage SMEG toasters are a little too expensive? Then consider the Schneider Retro Toaster, available in 8 different vintage colors. With 2 slots which are slightly on the small side.
  • Tefal Smart & Light TT6408 we really liked the design of this Tefal toaster, but unfortunately the slots were very small making it less suitable for Dutch bread.
  • Kenwood kMix TCX751WH this is really a top toaster with excellent build quality. Unfortunately somewhat limited in the number of features.

Buying a toaster, what do you pay attention to?

Broodrooster kopen, waar let je op?

Clearly, for toasting bread, a toaster is a convenient solution. That way you don’t have to wash dishes, you don’t have to look after it, and you always enjoy the same results. But what should you look for when buying a toaster?

  • Size: how big can the toaster be? If you have a small kitchen, look carefully at the dimensions.
  • Functions: toasters come with different functions such as adjustable browning level, warming, defrosting or a bagel function. Think carefully about which functions are relevant to you. In particular, the defrost function is useful for defrosting your sandwiches.
  • Additional accessories: do you like to toast a croissant or bagel in addition to a regular slice of bread? Or do you like to make a toasted sandwich? Then choose a toaster with a warming rack or a toasted sandwich rack.
  • Build quality: would you rather buy a toaster for a few tens that will last you 1 – 3 years or would you rather spend more money for a toaster with a longer lifespan?
  • Safety: do you have small children or are you buying a toaster for the elderly? Then choose a toaster with a cool housing.
  • Cleaning: a removable crumb tray is a must, though. No one feels like holding a toaster upside down to remove bread crumbs. All toasters in our TOP-10 come with a removable crumb tray.
  • Design: do you like to spend a little extra money for a nice design such as a retro look or do you prefer a solid toaster?


Before buying a toaster, look carefully at the width and length of the slots. Dutch bread is quite large compared to bread from abroad. Want to make sure your favorite bread will fit in the toaster? Then choose toasters with extra-large slots.

Conclusion: what is the best toaster for you?

Conclusie: wat is de beste broodrooster voor jou?

If you’re satisfied with two slices of toasted bread at a time, then the Siemens Toaster TT86104 is the best toaster you can find. With features like defrost, keep warm and 5 browning degrees, it’s the most complete in our test. A good toaster with a larger capacity is the Brabantia BBEK1031N that lets you toast 4 slices at once. This unit also features a defrost and warm function. Moreover, you can put thick slices in it.

If, in addition to a perfectly toasted slice, you also think the looks of your toaster are important, check out the SMEG Toaster with its famous retro look, or the KitchenAid 5KMT3115HESD Both look great and come in multiple colors. In addition, of course, they are also just good toasters.

Finally, if you are a sandwich lover, opt for a toaster with a sandwich clamp. The Princess 142354 is then the best choice as far as we are concerned, especially because of its low price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you got something out of our toaster test. If you still have some questions, see if your question is among the frequently asked questions.

If not, feel free to send our editors an email. We are happy to help you find a toaster that fits your needs and budget.

Which toaster was tested as the best?

The Siemens Toaster TT86104 came out best in our test partly because of its excellent build quality, additional features and beautiful design.

What functions on a toaster are indispensable?

Toasters come with different functions. The most essential functions are: a function for defrosting bread and a reheating function. In addition, you’ll want a toaster with a removable crumb tray and a cool housing so you don’t burn your fingers.

What is a bagel function on a toaster?

With a bagel function, you toast the bread on one side while it heats the other side. This is desirable for burger buns, bagels and baguettes, for example.

How many watts should a toaster have?

A toaster uses between 800 to 1500 watts of electricity with 1200 watts being the average. Smaller toasters use fewer watts than larger multi-slot toasters.

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