Toaster Cleaning: How To Do It Quick and Easy

Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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I think we can all agree, the toaster is one of the best inventions ever. The first toasters came on the market back in 1919. This invention is still used in millions of households today. Only, often one question remains unanswered. How should you clean a toaster? We have listed the main points of attention for you.

First remove the plug

First of all, when cleaning a toaster, it is important to unplug it. This may sound redundant to some, but keep in mind that in the Netherlands there is a voltage of 220 volts. That much electrical current can still give you a big bang. Is the plug out? Good, then you can start now.

Toaster clean and different models

I know, I hear you thinking, there are so many different models of toasters? You have so many different brands, versions and models. You even have toasters with the function for a separate toaster. That’s true, but with most toasters (actually all of them) you can clean them the same way. So when you buy a toaster you almost don’t have to worry about differences in cleaning.

Basic toasters

A basic toaster is fairly easy to clean without too much effort. Put the toaster upside down in the sink. Do you have an older model, either without a slide-out crumb tray? Then take the unit and carefully shake it out upside down over the sink.

Are there pieces of bread still attached to the toaster’s bread clamp? Then you can try gently brushing them off. This can be done simply with a small brush, and if you don’t have one handy you can do this with a dry toothbrush.

Make sure it is completely crumb-free

It is an important aspect to first make sure that all the slots and holes are crumb-free. Once most of the crumbs are out of the toaster then you can use a damp cloth to wipe the outside. Just be careful not to wipe the inside, as this can cause rust. Nowadays you can also buy a toaster made of stainless steel for very little, these can withstand this a lot better.

We all know that electricity and water do not mix well. Therefore, dry the toaster completely with a dry cloth to get a good toaster clean. Now the toaster is clean and you can get back to toasting sandwiches for your next meal!

Toasted bread from modern toasters

Do you have a more modern and elaborate toaster? Does it come with one of those handy removable crumb trays? Then cleaning a toaster is even a little easier.

For starters, simply check to see if there are any remnants of sandwiches still stuck to it then simply remove the crumb tray and then you can empty it upside down into the trash or sink and then clean it under the tap with a dish brush. Simply wipe the outside of the toaster with a damp cloth. Just keep in mind not to get it too wet. Also wipe the rest of the toaster such as the slots with a damp cloth.

Dry the crumb tray, and that’s it.

Finally, dry the outside and the crumb tray with a dry cloth, and then you can enjoy a delicious toasted sandwich again. Did you think it took a bit long? Usually it’s not too bad. But if it does disappoint, remember that the first time cleaning a toaster always takes the longest. In addition, for example, emptying the crumb tray is definitely not the most fun job the first time, after that it will get used to.

If you found that the toaster didn’t clean as easily as you thought beforehand, that’s because it was your first time. From the next time, you’ll be done a lot faster.

Important before you continue toasting bread

It doesn’t matter what kind of toaster you have. Before you continue making toast and therefore before you plug it in. Make sure everything is completely dry. Check that the inside has not accidentally gotten wet, check that the knobs are completely dry, if necessary, let the toaster dry a little longer before you use it again. This is all for your own safety.

Removing melted cheese from toaster

Crumbs in your toaster are already annoying, but melted cheese is absolutely no fun. This is because this can very easily drip onto the inside, and if you let it sit there it will burn over and over again. Again, this is not too difficult. It just needs to be done carefully. Put the toaster on the counter and carefully clean it with a dish brush and some soapy water. In this way, also clean the toasted sandwich clamp and the device will be fresh again immediately!

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