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Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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The smoothie bowl is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays you see them more and more often on the Internet. Also in restaurants you can order a smoothie bowl more and more often. Now, of course, it is more fun to make that delicious smoothie bowl yourself! We would like to tell you more about it.

A smoothie bowl of fresh fruit, tasty and healthy!

A smoothie bowl of fresh fruit is full of good vitamins and minerals. You can also add your own twist to your favorite recipes.

Delicious with your favorite toppings such as pieces of chocolate, blueberries, banana slices or other fresh fruit. By the way, a smoothie bowl is more of a meal than a drink.

A smoothie is already very tasty, but smoothie bowls provide even more variety! We explain in detail what a smoothie bowl is.

What are smoothie bowls?

A smoothie bowl is basically just a smoothie in a bowl. The smoothie bowl has really become a trend in recent years. This one is similar to a similar trend, the acai bowl. This one is made of acai berry, a type of superfruit that comes from Brazil, full of antioxidants. Acai berries are a very popular fruit.

Why are acai berries so popular?

Acai berry is especially popular because of the tropical flavor of the fruit.These come over from South America as a frozen puree. Other fruits and other vegetables are added to the puree, which is how the acai bowl was born. And in turn, the trend of the smoothie bowl has emerged since 2014.

How to make a smoothie bowl from frozen fruit?

How do you make a smoothie bowl? That in itself is very simple. You can actually go either way with it in terms of ingredients, just like with regular smoothies.

You start with frozen fruit or vegetables, for example a frozen banana, strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, or spinach for a green smoothie bowl. Next, you put all the fruit in a blender. To this you then add a liquid of your choice, this can be milk but also water or juice, yogurt, almond milk etcetera.

In a smoothie bowl, of course, it is not necessarily necessary to add acai berry. When making smoothie bowls, you can add all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Basically, the idea is just the same.

A smoothie bowl does not have many “required fields” or aspects. All you always need for a recipe is frozen fruits or vegetables, toppings and something liquid to mix it with (milk, for example), that’s it! How and what, that’s up to you. You put all the fruits and vegetables you like in a blender, put it in a bowl and then add your own toppings for a nice bite!

Blend well

Next, turn on the blender and puree the fruit well. It is important that the mixture remains firm, otherwise you won’t be able to eat it. Then it becomes more like juice or a smooth smoothie. So watch how much liquid you use for a smoothie in a bowl.

Top it off with your favorite toppings

Next, pour the mixture into a bowl and add your favorite toppings to your smoothie bowl.

Examples of tasty toppings are red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, but also slices of avocado, frozen bananas, but also chocolate, walnuts, mango, granola, chia seeds or oatmeal can be very tasty.

Tip: as icing on the cake, add some honey over your smoothie bowl, this gives a nice natural sweet taste!

Why prepare a smoothie bowl?

Why make a smoothie bowl? What makes this a good breakfast, snack or dessert? A smoothie is very healthy on its own, so why choose a smoothie bowl recipe? The reason is that with a smoothie bowl recipe you are really dealing with a meal!

A smoothie bowl is a real dish

You can prepare your own dishes with a smoothie bowl, so to speak. With a smoothie bowl you are really making a savory meal in the form of a smoothie in a bowl, and instead of drinking it you eat it with a spoon.

So why is this better? Well, by eating the smoothie with a spoon you are no longer hampered in the way you want to use a smoothie. When you drink a smoothie through a straw, for example, you have little choice.

A smoothie is too soft to eat

Perhaps a case of ”stating the obvious,” but it goes without saying that a smoothie is always too soft to eat. With a smoothie bowl, you can control how soft or firm you keep it, and that in itself is a great thing because it means you have complete control over how you eat the smoothie.

It fills

A smoothie bowl is really filling. We mentioned this a moment ago, but with a smoothie bowl you really have a dish. Whereas with a smoothie you’re more dealing with a supplement to, say, your breakfast. For example, you can mix muesli, oatmeal, cocoa and yogurt as ingredients for the bowl.

Some mix the ingredients for the smoothie bowl with peanut butter. This is an addition that some find very tasty, while others are not fans of it. That’s the beauty of a smoothie bowl, you make it just the way you like it.

Different toppings provide more options

In addition, a smoothie bowl allows you to choose different toppings. This is something that is not really possible with a regular smoothie, at least very limited.

So you can really finish a smoothie in a bowl however you want and add extra flavor and bite to your breakfast or snack.

Drinking lots of smoothies is healthy

By drinking lots of smoothies you are always healthy, so when you want to eat healthier a smoothie bowl is a great choice.

You can mix all kinds of delicious and healthy ingredients together such as bananas, avocado, mango, kiwi, spinach avocado, nuts, oatmeal and even peanut butter. All are extremely healthy, and these are just a few examples!

Not just breakfast, also great as a snack

A smoothie bowl is often eaten for breakfast, but you can also have it for dessert or as a snack. After all, a smoothie bowl is full of vitamins and minerals.

Obviously, this depends on the topping or toppings you choose, but when you choose fresh fruit or fresh vegetables, you can be sure that you are eating a healthy meal!

The green smoothie bowl

Are you looking for a really healthy smoothie bowl? Then you can choose a green smoothie bowl. These are always low in calories, so they are suitable for any diet.

What is a green smoothie bowl?

A green smoothie bowl is prepared with green leafy vegetables. Examples include spinach and endive. The green color is mainly due to the raw green vegetables.

These types of vegetables are often rich in essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

What is a green smoothie bowl good for?

Like any smoothie bowl, it is a responsible choice. This smoothie bowl can help with getting in as many vegetables as possible at once.

Sometimes we struggle with incorporating the right amount of vegetables into our diet. Everyone suffers from this sometimes, so the green smoothie bowl can help you with this.

A green smoothie bowl can also contribute to weight loss. Because you put a lot of healthy vegetables in a smoothie bowl you eat healthy and you are full, you get less urge to snack.

So if you want to lose weight, this smoothie bowl is definitely a good choice.

When do you eat a green smoothie bowl?

You can eat a green smoothie bowl at any time of the day. You can store a green smoothiebowl if necessary. However, don’t wait too long to eat it. You can eat the green smoothiebowl either as breakfast, snack or dessert.

When you eat a green smoothiebowl as a snack, you may want to make it a little less thick. The moment you eat a green smoothie bowl as a snack then you may not feel hungry in the evening. if this persists longer then it contributes to irregular eating. This is obviously not healthy.

Tips for smoothie bowls

Then finally, some valuable tips for a delicious smoothie bowl recipe:

  • Make sure you have enough variety at all times. You obviously want to be able to enjoy your smoothie bowls for a long time. If you make them with the same recipe every time, it will quickly become boring. In addition, variety ensures that you get enough different nutrients.
  • In the summer it can be nice to make a refreshing shake, you can add ice cubes to your recipe. You can then blend these with the other ingredients.
  • Use frozen fruit. With frozen fruit you can always easily make a cool drink, for example, frozen bananas are still a popular choice. You can buy frozen fruit at the supermarket.
  • Finally, make sure you always have enough in the house. When you go shopping for smoothie bowls, buy a little more right away. Then you’ll have enough in the house not just for, say, the next two days, but the next two weeks. Plus, this often encourages you to make creative recipes out of the blue with what you still have on hand!

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