Buying a Slowjuicer? These are the Best Slowjuicers of 2023

Updated on 04 Aug 2023

Like us, do you love healthy juices made from fruits and vegetables? Then a slow juicer can come in handy. In our Slowjuicer test, we tested 15 slow juicers based on build quality, ease of use, performance, additional features and price.

In making our selection with the 10 best slow juicers, we took into account a variety of needs and budgets. For our test, we not only tested slow juicers, but also juicers. But what are the differences?

Slow juicer or juicer: which one suits you?

  • Slow juicer: a slow juicer squeezes the juice from fruits and vegetables at low speeds through a rotating pressing cone. A slow juicer is better suited for hard vegetables, nuts but also leafy vegetables. A disadvantage of a slow juicer is that it takes more time on the other hand a slow juicer makes less noise than a juicer. A slow juicer is often more expensive than a juicer.
  • Juice centrifuge: a traditional juicer squeezes the juice from fruits and vegetables using a very sharp grater, which spins at 20,000 rpm. A juicer is therefore faster than a slow juicer, but makes much more noise. Also, a little pulp often remains in the juice.

Is a slow juicer healthier?

Many manufacturers make claims that a slow juicer is supposed to be healthier; more vitamins and enzymes are said to remain because no heat is released. They also claim that slow juicers release up to 80% more juice. This could be true, but there is no research to show if this is actually true or if it is just sales talk.

TOP-10 best slow juicers of 2023

We found the juicer to be by far the most fun product to test. So we tried many juices whose recipes we will also share. Anyway, here they are: the 10 best-tested juicers of 2023.

Want to learn more about slow juicers and the different functions first? Then first read our buying tips, where we tell you exactly what to look out for when buying a juicer.

The best slow juicer 2023 1

Kuvings Slowjuicer EVO820

The Kuvings Slowjuicer EVO820 is the big winner in our test. Kuvings is THE brand when it comes to slow juicers. The Danish brand specializes in producing slowjuicers, which is why you often see Kuvings slowjuicers in trendy juice bars.

What struck us immediately is the excellent build quality of the Kuvings Slowjuicer EVO820. Yes you have to pay a considerable amount of money, but you can use it for years. This juicer is quiet, efficient and relatively easy to clean.

Nothing is too crazy for this powerful slow juicer: vegetables, fruits, leafy vegetables, ginger, turmeric and nuts: it can get juice out of anything!

This vertical slow juicer has one speed and a removable 0.4-liter juice container. The advantage of Kuvings is that all parts are available online. Should something break, you can replace the part and thus extend its life.

  • The best in the test
  • Cold-pressed: healthier!
  • Silent juicer
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust parts
  • Also suitable for nuts!
  • Also suitable for leafy vegetables
  • hefty price
In short

Our conclusion

The Kuvings Slowjuicer EVO820 is the most expensive slow juicer in our TOP-10, but also the best. The big difference is in the build quality. We also found this slow juicer to be pleasing to the eye compared to other slow juicers. Just keep in mind that all parts are not dishwasher safe, which means you have to rinse all parts under the tap. Also, the opening at the top is not as large as the name of the product would lead you to believe.

The best buy 2023 2

Sieham Slowjuicer

The Sieham Slowjuicer came out of our slow juicers test as the best buy. This juicer costs just over 100 euros at the time of writing, but you make delicious juices with it. A slow juicer with an excellent price and quality ratio – as you would expect from the best buy.

This horizontal juicer from Sieham is suitable for juicing vegetables, fruits, nuts and leafy greens. The juice container is 500 ml in size, which is enough for two juices. The pulp container and juice reservoir are dishwasher safe, the other parts you rinse manually under the tap.

However, we found this juicer less suitable for smaller ingredients such as ginger or turmeric. This released quite little juice, which is quite normal for a cheaper juicer.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Suitable for leafy vegetables
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reservoir 500 ML: 2 juices!
  • Reasonably quiet juicer
  • Best seller!
  • Less suitable for ginger + turmeric
  • Build quality less than Kuvings
In short

Our conclusion

We were pleasantly surprised with the juices coming out of the Sieham Slowjuicer. This is the perfect choice for households who want to make healthy juices, but don’t want to pay top dollar. Keep in mind that the build quality is really a lot less compared to, say, a Kuvings, but that’s what you pay for.

The best slow juicer for large families 3

Sage the Nutri Juicer

Do you make a lot of juice at once? The Sage the Nutri Juicer has been named the best slow juicer for larger families up to 6 people by our editors. For example, this juicer from Sage has an extra-large filler neck that even fits a whole apple. And this juicer comes with an extra large juice container of 2 liters. You simply place this in the refrigerator after use.

The big advantage of the Sage the Nutri Juicer® is that you have less cutting work compared to other slow juicers. This is because of the larger filling opening at the top of this vertical juicer. With other juicers, you have to cut most fruits and vegetables into small pieces first.

This powerful juicer than Sage is suitable for: both hard and soft vegetables, fruits, leafy vegetables, smaller ingredients such as ginger and nuts. Thanks to its excellent build quality, nothing is too crazy for this slow juicer. Another big plus is that the device is made of brushed chrome, which looks classy.

  • High capacity: up to 6 people
  • Juice container of 2 liters
  • Large filling opening: little cutting!
  • Brushed chrome
  • Chic appearance
  • Leafy vegetables, nuts, it’s all possible!
  • Takes up a little more space
In short

Our conclusion

The Sage the Nutri Juicer®is really a sizable appliance and thus intended for large families or people who want to make large amounts of juice at once. However, we do recommend checking the dimensions first. All in all, this is one of the better slow juicers in our test with excellent build quality as we have come to expect from Sage.

The best slow juicer for a small kitchen 4

Philips Avance HR1946/70

Philips is known for electronics with excellent value for money. So is this small slow juicer: the Philips Avance HR1946/70. This juicer is nice and small which makes it easy to store.

Do you have a small kitchen or want to be able to store the slow juicer in a kitchen cabinet? Then choose the Philips Avance HR1946/70 the best tested small slow juicer that allows you to prepare delicious juices. This is a vertical slow juicer, which take up less space on the countertop compared to a horizontal slow juicer.

The Philips Avance HR1946/70 can be used for juicing fruits, leafy vegetables such as wheatgrass and even nuts: if Philips is to be believed, you can even make peanut butter with it. We have not tried this with the reason that you are better off using a blender or food processor for this.

Juicing with the Philips Avance HR1946/70 is very easy. We do have to say that this juicer is less suitable for green juices that contain mainly leafy vegetables, where the juice yield was a bit disappointing.

  • Nice compact size
  • Suitable for fruits and vegetables
  • Excellently priced
  • Easy to clean
  • Slightly inferior build quality
  • Less suitable for leafy vegetables
In short

Our conclusion

The Philips Avance HR1946/70is a good slow juicer for the money you pay. The dishwasher-safe parts make it easy to clean. All parts are plastic, with certain parts feeling a bit cheap. If you like to make green juices from leafy vegetables, then we recommend looking further.

The best juicer 5

Philips Avance HR1922/20

The Philips Avance HR1922/20 came out of our test as the best juicer. This slow juicer lets you choose between a juice with more or less fiber. The large opening at the top allows large pieces of fruits and vegetables to enter the juicer at once.

Should you still opt for a juicer, we recommend the Philips Avance HR1922/20. Thanks to the XXL hopper, this juicer does not require you to pre-cut fruits or vegetables: most fruits and vegetables can just go straight into the centrifuge.

With this juicer you have a choice of two speeds. Thus, you have a function for less fiber and a function for a high-fiber juice. We did find that to be an advantage over a slow juicer, since a juice with fiber is again a bit healthier. The Philips Avance HR1922/20 allows you to make up to 3 liters of juice at once, making it an excellent option for a large family.

Another advantage to this juicer is the ease with which you clean it. For example, it has a Quickclean function that lets you rinse the appliance clean after use. All parts and accessories are dishwasher safe, which promotes quick cleaning.

In short

Our conclusion

The Philips Avance HR1922/20is a compact device which means it takes up little space. Still, this appliance is perfect for a large household thanks to its spacious juice reservoir and wide filler opening. The biggest plus of this device is that you can choose juice with or without fiber. Very convenient and healthy!

The best juicer for a small budget 6

Philips Viva HR1836/00

If you are stuck on a small budget, consider a juicer. After all, these are a lot cheaper. So is the Philips Viva HR1836/00 which costs less than 90 euros. This juicer looks a lot like the number 6 in our TOP-10, but there are definitely some differences to note.

With the Philips Viva HR1836/00, you can prepare 1.5 liters of juice in one go. This juicer features one speed. So you cannot choose between juicing with or without fiber. Furthermore, the Philips Viva HR1836/00 is a compact device so you can easily store it.

Like Philips’ Avance juicer, the Philips Viva HR1836/00 has a QuickClean function that allows you to easily and quickly clean the entire appliance before and after use. All parts and accessories are dishwasher safe.

In short

Our conclusion

For less than 90 euros, you can enjoy a fresh juice daily. With a 1.5-liter juice container, this Philips appliance is suitable for a medium to large family. Thanks to the QuickClean function and dishwasher-safe parts, the appliance is easy to clean. Keep in mind that a juicer makes more noise than a slow juicer.

The best slow juicer for everyday use 7

Philips HR1916/70 QuickClean

Do you use the juicer daily or drink several juices in a day? The Philips HR1916/70 QuickClean is as best juicer for daily use. Juicers are more convenient for daily use because they are faster and often easier to clean.

So is the Philips HR1916/70 QuickClean, which has an automatic rinse function on it. The parts are also dishwasher safe, which is important when you want to use a juicer on a daily basis. The wide filling opening also makes this juicer an excellent option for everyday use, as you don’t have to cut most fruits and vegetables.

The Philips HR1916/70 QuickClean has two speeds. The low speed is suitable when you like to drink a juice with fiber. You choose the high speed when you fancy a juice without fiber.

In short

Our conclusion

For daily use, our editors looked in particular at the ease with which you clean the device. Because of all the fibers, most slow juicers take quite some time to clean. Fortunately, the Philips HR1916/70 QuickClean is one of the few juicers to have a QuickClean Function that allows you to flush the device without taking it apart. All in all, an excellent choice for anyone who juices daily.

The best slow juicer for versatility 8

Sana by Omega Slowjuicer

The most multifunctional slow juicer is the Sana by Omega Slowjuicer which also won the beauty award of all the slow juicers tested. What immediately stands out is the excellent build quality of this slow juicer despite the fact that the body is plastic.

With this horizontal slow juicer is the best slow juicer for wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables. This is because a horizontal slow juicer is less likely to get clogged than a vertical slow juicer. Thanks to the extra large filling opening, you don’t have to pre-cut most fruits and vegetables first.

With this juicer you receive 3 extra sieves, namely: fine, coarse and dense. With the fine strainer, the result is a juice with no fiber, while with the coarse and dense strainer, you actually make a juice with more fiber. Besides juicing, this slow juicer is also suitable for making nut paste, grinding coffee beans and for baby food.

In short

Our conclusion

We were amazed at how dry the pulp is that comes out of Sana by Omega Slowjuicer during juicing. It was clearly visible that this juicer has a higher juice yield compared to other slow juicers. Thanks to the powerful motor, you can also use this slow juicer for making nut paste or making baby food. We have to say, though, that a blender is easier for this, because then you don’t have to clean as much. Unfortunately, the parts of the Sana by Omega Slowjuicer cannot go in the dishwasher.

The best slow juicer for green juices 9

Omega J8227S

Do you like to make a green juice from wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables? With many slow juicers, if you use leafy vegetables without first throwing an apple, cucumber or a carrot into juicer, the machine will jam. For green juices, we recommend horizontal slow juicers. This is because the juice falls down, whereas with a vertical slow juicer it is pushed to the side.

For the best slow juicers for green juices, we recommend the Omega J8227S. Omega specializes in slow juicers and blenders and you can see that right away in the build quality. True, it is not the cheapest juicer, but it is one of the best for green juices.

You use this horizontal slow juicer not only for juicing, but also for grinding nuts, coffee beans, herbs, garlic and other snacks and drinks. The brand claims you can even use the device for whipping milk, but we haven’t tried that. However, we do not think it is a good idea to use this juicer for grinding garlic, as that smell is hard to get rid of.

In short

Our conclusion

The Omega J8227S is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to juice wheatgrass and/or other leafy vegetables daily. It is a hefty investment, but good build quality is important if you expect to use the device on a daily basis. A big advantage to this horizontal slow juicer is that all parts can go in the dishwasher.

The best citrus juicer 10

Smeg Citruspers CJF01RDEU

If you like to drink fresh orange or lime juice then we recommend the Smeg Citrus Press CJF01RDEU. This juicer from SMEG has a beautiful retro look and excellent build quality. This juicer is suitable for all types of citrus fruits.

As we have come to expect from SMEG, the Smeg Citrus Press CJF01RDEU is available in all the colors of the rainbow: from almond white to pink. The advantage of a citrus juicer over a slow juicer is that you don’t have to remove the peel.

In short

Our conclusion

Not everyone feels like spending so much money on a juicer, but of course the eye wants something. The only downside to the Smeg Citrus juicer is that the rack has fairly large holes, which means that more fiber comes in than is used. The advantage of this is that the fiber is healthy.

Overview with the 10 best slow juicers from our test

Other tested slow juicers

Overige geteste slowjuicers

We hope our TOP-10 helps you find the best slow juicer. Below we briefly discuss the other tested slow juicers:

  • Princess 202045 Easy Fill this is a good slow juicer for one with an extra large opening for larger ingredients like an apple or a pear. However, the build quality was a bit disappointing.
  • Kenwood PureJuice JMP600WH we had high hopes for this slow juicer. Unfortunately, it was disappointing, especially for people who like to use the device for leafy vegetables such as wheatgrass.
  • Sage the 3X Bluicer Pro this vertical slow juicer would have been in the TOP-10 with best slow juicers. You can also use this slow juicer as a blender.
  • Rochester Juice Extractor this Rocherster juicer did not disappoint anything, especially for the good price you pay.
  • Bosch VitaJuice 2 MES25A0 this is the best buy for a juicer. Good price and fairly easy to clean compared to other juicers.

Buying a slow juicer, what do you pay attention to?

Slowjuicer kopen, waar let je op?

Of course, buying a slow juicer isn’t something you do every week either. To find out what is the best slow juicer for you, you will have to think about a number of things:

  • Slow juicer or juicer?: a slow juicer is often a little more expensive, makes less noise, more suitable for leafy vegetables such as wheatgrass and products claim to leave you with more nutrients. A juicer is faster, is in some cases easier to clean and therefore better suited for daily use.
  • Size: if you have a small kitchen, choose a slow juicer with a compact size. Consider in advance whether you will leave the device on the countertop or store it in the kitchen cabinet.
  • Horizontal or vertical slow juicer?: Horizontal slow juicers take up more space, but are better at pressing leafy vegetables for green juice. It is claimed that a vertical slow juicer produces more juice, but we did not test this.
  • Daily use or weekly: do you plan to use the slow juicer daily? Then choose a juicer that is easy to clean (suitable for the dishwasher). Do you use the slow juicer occasionally then we recommend a compact juicer that is easier to store. Good build quality is also important for daily use.
  • Hard ingredients: do you like to make a juice from hard vegetables or do you also want to use the device for nut milk? Then choose a slow juicer with a powerful motor.
  • Juice with fiber: Do you like to drink a high-fiber juice? Then choose a centrifuge juicer with different speeds or where different filters are included.
  • Extra large filler opening: if you don’t feel like cutting vegetables beforehand, choose a slow juicer with an extra large filler opening. Then you can start juicing right away.

Are you buying a new slow juicer for the first time and not quite at home in the world of slow juicers yet? Then don’t forget to read our beginner’s guide to slow juicers. In it, we explain exactly what a slow juicer is and discuss everything you need to know about slow juicers.

Conclusion: what is the best slow juicer for you?

Conclusie: wat is de beste slowjuicer voor jou?

The Kuvings Big Mouth C9500 is, in our opinion, the best slow juicer we tested. The Danish company Kuvings is a specialist in this field. Just look at what kind of slow juicer is in a trendy juice bar around town. Sure enough, it’s a Kuvings. Of course, you pay for the quality (and maybe a little for the name), but you get a perfectly working and rock solid slow juicer in return.

If you do want to spend a little less, we recommend the Sieham slow juicer and the even cheaper Philips Viva HR1836/00. Both are excellent devices that do what they are supposed to do, but are a lot cheaper than the Kuvings Big Mouth C9500

If you plan to make only juices with the slow juicer, it’s actually a waste of the money you spend on it. There are juicers and citrus juicers that are a lot more affordable and also produce fine juices. Check out the Smeg Citrus juicer CJF01RDEU and the Philips Avance HR1922/20.

So in general, we can say: know what you want before buying a slow juicer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found the best slow juicer yet and still have questions? Below we share the frequently asked questions with you. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

Which is better a slow juicer or juicer?

Producers claim that a slow juicer is better because you’re left with more juice and more nutrients, but during our testing we found the difference to be not so bad. A slow juicer is a lot quieter and better for juicing leafy vegetables. Use our buying guide to find out which device best suits your needs.

What is the best slow juicer?

The Kuvings Big Mouth C9500 from the Danish brand Kuvings is without a doubt the best slow juicer of the 15 products we tested.

What is the best juicer?

The Philips Avance HR1922/20 came out of our test as the best juicer juicer. Partly because you can choose from 2 speeds and the ease of cleaning the product after use thanks to the QuickClean function.

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