Slow-cooker cookbook: The 5 best in 2022

Slow cooker
Updated on 22 Aug 2023

Slowcooker offers new perspective for a delicious meal

If you are looking for something different for once from what is so common for everyone, the slowcooker is among the products you should try. But of course that includes delicious recipes. Delicious recipes for delicious slow-cooker meals are easier to find than you might think. Find a good cookbook here!

There are many good books out there, but there are some that stand out. I go over the 5 best slow cooker cookbooks with you that are known for different recipes for a delicious meal from the slow cooker.

1. Slow Cooked

Slow Cooked by Miss South

Slow cookers sometimes have a reputation for making dishes that are dry and unappetizing. With this book, you can prove them wrong. This book is known for affordable dishes that are adventurous at the same time. Ideal for the novice kitchen prince. Here Miss South has created more than 200 delicious recipes for affordable dishes that cost relatively little. Definitely a deserved place in the top 5!

2. Healthy slow cooker recipes

Healthy slow cooker recipes by good food eat well

In this book, trusted experts from Good Food magazine write healthy slow cooker recipes. A good guide and a reliable slow cooker cookbook: this is an essential guide to making a fragrant curry or hearty soup, stews and delicious puds with balanced nutritional values. Definitely a must have product for a slowcooker!

3. try it! SLOW COOKING


This book focuses mainly on slow-cooker classics. Whether you like to make healthy recipes or are fond of stews, a tender piece of meat or steamed puddings, page after page is filled with delicious slow-cooker recipes using ingredients you can find just about anywhere. Are you looking for a cookbook with easy recipes for a delicious soup or curry? Then this book is definitely the one for you!

4. Simply Nigella

Simply Nigella Book

This book is not exclusively for stews or preparing food in the slow cooker. This book was published with the intention of being a general cookbook, but here are some pretty remarkable recipes for flavorful cooking. Therefore, this book has good reviews because of its slow-cooker recipes.

A complete cookbook

If you are looking for a complete cookbook where you can also find a recipe for delicious main dishes as well as desserts then this book is definitely the one for you

5. The Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook

The Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook

This cookbook has a wide range of over 200 tested slow-cooker favorites. If you love a good slow-cooker meal; stews, soups, whatever then this is the book for you. The book includes main dishes that are a bit more elaborate, but if you want to eat a slightly simpler midweek meal then this book is also a great guide.

This book offers a new experience

The book contains a lot of delicious dishes that inspire and guarantee that you will always put something delicious on the table. Whether you are looking for simple recipes, or a slightly bigger challenge, this is a complete cookbook for slow-cooker recipes.

Why slow-cooker recipes are ideal!

Slow-cooker recipes are ideal if you like to prepare food earlier in the day and let it cook until tender during the day. Some recipes take several hours to cook.

Heading to work, dinner ready in the evening!

For example, if you are heading towards work, and you want your food to be waiting when you get home, you can do that with slow-cooker recipes. You can also prepare the food in advance and cook it in the slow cooker the next day.

Delicious recipes that give food a new meaning

In addition, slow-cooker recipes are also ideal if you like pickled products, or if you are a lover of recipes with lots of herbs and spices. A recipe from the slow cooker often opens up new worlds for you. Discover a new form of food, so to speak.

TIP: If you’re looking to try something new for your stew, try a recipe with caramel sauce or dark chocolate

Still looking for tasty meat? Then try a recipe with slow-cooked pork belly!

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