3 Efficient Methods Of Grinding Seeds Such as Flaxseeds and Sesame Seeds

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Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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Flaxseeds may be small, but they are packed with vitamins and nutrients. They are a fantastic and plant-based source of fiber, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. However, whole linseeds have a husk on the outside that is really tough and keeps them from breaking down in the digestive tract.

To get the most benefits from flaxseeds, it is best to grind them. This doesn’t just apply to flaxseeds, ground seeds are very good and tasty to incorporate into many dishes. Today I will go over with you how best to grind seeds!

Method 1: The food processor or blender

A blender or food processor is a great option for grinding seeds. Most people today have at least one of these devices on their kitchen counter. When you want to grind flaxseed in the blender you add 1 cup of around 149 grams of seed to the blender and you grind it for several minutes just until it has the right consistency. So this applies to other seeds as well.

The same goes for the food processor, you add a cup of around 149 grams of flaxseed and you grind this too until the desired consistency is reached. This takes a few minutes.

However, using these methods can take some time and there are other methods that allow you to grind slightly smaller quantities.

Method 2: The coffee grinder

You can also easily grind seeds with the coffee grinder. They are fairly inexpensive devices, but they are also fast and efficient. When you want to grind flaxseed with the coffee grinder, it is important that you add seeds to the fill level of the coffee grinder that you use specifically for flaxseed and you turn it on. It only takes a few seconds for the seeds to be fully ground. With a coffee grinder, you can better control the quantities yourself. Waste is well reduced as a result.

Method 3: The mincer of the hand blender

You can also use seeds with the mincer of the hand blender. However, keep in mind that this method is mainly for smaller quantities. If you try to grind too much at once, the seeds will not be ground properly.

Method 4: By hand

Of course, you can also just easily grind seeds by hand. At least, you have tools for this. One of them is the flax mill. This is a handy kitchen tool made purely for grinding flax. It looks a little bit like a pepper mill, which, by the way, you can also just use for grinding seeds.

If you still have a pepper mill that is empty, clean it so that there is no pepper residue left behind and then you can use this for grinding seeds as well.

A pestle and mortar are also good for grinding seeds by hand. You use the pestle to crush the seeds against the mortar and so they are ground.

With these methods, it is possible to grind around one teaspoon of seeds at a time. If you don’t have kitchen equipment that can do the job then this is quite a great solution.

Storing ground seeds

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to how long you can store ground seeds. It doesn’t matter which option you choose when it comes to storing ground seeds. You can keep these in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Just make sure they are packed really airtight, otherwise they can still spoil. Therefore, grind only as much as you think you will eat within one week.

Ground seeds should have a bit of a nutty taste, of course this varies from seed to seed. One thing applies in any case. Does it taste bitter? Then throw it away.

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