Buying Airfryer Second Hand: Is This A Good Idea?

Updated on 06 Feb 2024
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With an Airfryer, you can easily fry a lot healthier. Almost everyone is familiar with the saying ”cheap is expensive,” but that is by no means true for every product. For example, there are many people who still buy a lot of stuff second-hand. Even when it comes to electronics. Yet most people are fairly reluctant when it comes to second-hand electronics. So is a used Airfryer a good idea or not? I’ll explain it to you today!

What is an Airfryer again?

It’s a healthier alternative to the deep fryer we’ve known for a long time. Where a deep fryer prepares food using hot oil, with an Airfryer you simply do it with hot air. You make fries with snacks, as well as vegetables and meat easily with the Airfryer. By frying with hot air, food is a lot healthier. So an Airfryer is a healthier alternative.

Why would you buy a used Airfryer?

If you don’t use an Airfryer a lot, have a smaller budget or prefer to try it out first and therefore want to spend less, a used Airfryer is a good idea. After all, an Airfryer often costs at least 8 tens and often you are well over 100, sometimes even 200 dollars. And yes, not everyone is waiting for that, of course. You can buy a more advanced model second hand that is not easily affordable new, reason to do it you would say.

Is it a good option or not?

It’s always good to ask yourself whether or not you should buy a used Airfryer. You always run the risk that the appliance only has a short life left. This is because it is always unpredictable with second-hand, which is simply a risk you run. When is it smart to buy a used Airfryer and when not?

Budget versus used

If it’s up to me it’s pretty simple, don’t buy budget options second hand. Either buy a budget option or buy a used Airfryer. Besides, a high-end Airfryer second-hand is often close in price to a regular Airfryer.

And although you do pay a little more for a used high-end Airfryer, you’re better off buying a high-end Airfryer second-hand as a used budget device. Often with electronics, it is worth paying a little more, as you typically get really better quality in return.

Option: Refurbished

Refurbished Airfryers are definitely an option. Refurbished Airfryers have been thoroughly tested by the company that sells them. So you buy used with a little more security. When you just buy them over from someone, for example through a marketplace, the security you have is a lot less. In addition, with refurbished devices you just have warranty. This is a huge advantage because if the device does break down, you can simply fall back on your warranty rights.

Pick up the device

Whether you buy refurbished or through a Marketplace seller, always pick up the device, don’t have it delivered. Often shipping costs are involved. But that’s not your biggest concern here. You can’t check the condition of the device. When you pick it up then of course you can just do this. Then you can always change your mind on the spot before you transfer the money. If you have it delivered then again you have all the hassle of a refund and returning your device, and often with Marketplace this is not even an option.

So make sure you have physically checked out the device before you buy it and hand over or transfer the money.

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