Can a Römertopf go in the microwave?

Updated on 24 Jul 2023
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Possibly you’ve been asking yourself, can the rummertopf go in the microwave? We will go into it in this article. Originally, the römertopf is a special, ceramic pan that you use for steaming in the oven. But nowadays there are also römertopf pans that are microwave safe.

The traditional römertopf pans are not suitable for the microwave, this is because these pans are made to be ideal for slow cooking and cooking dishes. A microwave oven is completely focused on preparing and cooking a dish quickly. So this combination is usually not too good.

Below you can see a Römertopf from the new line, which is suitable for use in the microwave and for quick cooking.

We will go a little further into the use of a normal Römertopf in the microwave. As we mentioned earlier in this article, it is not recommended to use a normal pan for heating or cooking ingredients in the microwave. If you will use a traditional Römertopf in the microwave, chances are very high that it will soon break due to the too high heat in too short a time, and if you want to use the ceramic pan in a normal way, it is always very important to wet the pan beforehand. This prevents the pan from becoming too dry and thus from cracking (even) faster.

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