Römertopf is 55 years old!

Updated on 24 Jul 2023
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The Römertopf brand is celebrating its 55th anniversary!

The Römertopf brand is celebrating a milestone. In 2022, the Römertopf appreciation will see 55 years of “ideas for natural cooking” return, as the ever-proven motto of our brand.

Embodying a non-fat, full-bodied, aromatic full and easily digestible cuisine, since its first market presentation at the Hanover Fair in 1967, the RÖMERTOPF brand embodies a true and reliable piece of best German Kitchencutlery tradition. The Römertopf brand is a registered trademark.

Certainly a success story that is unparalleled and proves once again that a German brand can worldwide 55 years set new trends in cooking and kitchen. Römertopf celebrates anniversary, so celebrate!

A success story from the very beginning “Made in Germany” ! It was many years ago – as the late sixties – was presented as the Römertopf of the Eduard Bay GmbH, a large ceramic company from Westerwald, at the Hannover Messe. It was the discovery of the cookware market par excellence. Stewing in its own juice, stove – the healthiest food preparation – without the use of extra fat, the lean kitchen became the embodiment of healthy eating.

Over the years the Römertopf has reached a market spread around the world, the undisputed made him the leader. Today the Römertopf brand is synonymous with quality, and at the same time the company has a commitment.

Worldwide registered rights are the guarantee for the buyer that he always buys the unmistakable original when buying a Römertopf. 1997: Römertopf brand passed into the Römertopf Ceramics GmbH, which still produces the traditional vessel made of natural clay in the Westerwald. As urdeutsches product is the Römertopf from local clay layers, produced only at this location and does the label “Made in Germany” – and it will not change either.

In our medium-sized company, we produce the Römertopf in special production process of high quality Naturtonen to meet the high quality requirements. This guarantees consistently distinctive cooking characteristics that give years of pleasure to the user.

The healthy diet we have written on the flag, and we know that by Schopenhauer Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health. On this important piece of life philosophy, we want to make a contribution, if the most important contribution to a healthy and modern way of life can be; proper nutrition.

The success of our company, in a significant way, depends on the people who work there. Each in his place – like a big family – makes his important contribution to the success. Despite the daily hustle and bustle, we know that good mutual cooperation is an important success factor motivator, and that is why our work environment in particular we retain. staff turnover is only by reaching retirement age.

About 25 million Römertopf were in the years and many have the opportunity to experience the simple and healthy food preparation method. The Römertopf is easy to handle and Cook, after the addition of food, almost by itself. In its red natural color, the Römertopf is of the natural, simple and timeless beauty and elegance.

The Römertopf is offered at retail, in department stores, furniture stores and in the shipping area, where there are good household items.

The Römertopf products are supported by various promotional activities. Up to 100 million PR – Releases per year and numerous television and radio broadcasts show that the Römertopf is a classic that is trendy and adapted to the present time.

Clear customer concepts, expertise and professionalism, comprehensive customer service and mutual partner economic understanding shows to our customers that we will do anything for them.

The Römertopf Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG is a forward-looking company – in a small and fine unit – and it is not going to change anything – that is dedicated to the products of natural and healthy cooking, is innovative and has become a trend, but maintains the tradition.

Look for more information within the blog about the Römertopf, or go to the home page for more information about the Romertopf.

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