Why buy a combi microwave oven built-in? 5 advantages

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Updated on 20 Jul 2023
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A combi microwave oven is also known as a combi microwave for short. As its name might suggest, this is an appliance that can be used as both a microwave oven and an oven. A multifunctional addition to your kitchen! Nowadays, more and more people choose to have a combination microwave built into their kitchen. What are the advantages? We’ll tell you!

What is the difference between a combi microwave and an oven?

Before we move on to the benefits of a built-in combination microwave, let’s briefly discuss what this appliance actually does. If you compare it to a microwave, you can say that it does not obtain its heat by emitting microwaves, but by hot air. In that, then, a built-in microwave oven can be compared to a regular (hot air) oven. The big difference? With a combination microwave you can do much more: besides preparing dishes, you can also defrost or reheat them.

Advantage 1: your kitchen looks clearer

A combination microwave oven comes in handy at many times. But are you really waiting for another appliance on your worktop? The answer is probably no. To save space, you can opt for a built-in microwave oven. Especially in a smaller kitchen this is worth considering. It makes your kitchen look tidier and also makes it a lot easier to keep your worktop clean when there are no loose appliances on it.

Advantage 2: you save on costs

When you choose a built-in microwave oven, you buy one appliance with a dual function. That means a saving in costs; after all, you don’t have to buy two separate appliances. Is your budget limited? Then a built-in microwave oven is therefore an extra smart choice for that reason.

Advantage 3: with a built-in microwave oven you can go either way

As we already mentioned, a built-in microwave oven is multifunctional. This means you can bake, reheat, defrost, but not infrequently also steam and grill with it. Some appliances also have a crisp function, which allows you to create a nice crispy layer on your food. Delicious when preparing a chicken, for example.

Advantage 4: the appliance is easy to use

Operating a built-in microwave oven is not higher math. Unlike in the past, you no longer have to manually set most modern ones. The automatic programs make preparing food much easier. The controls have also become simpler.

Advantage 5: can be built in at a practical height

If you choose a built-in appliance, you can have it built in at a practical height. And for the installation you do not have to roll up your sleeves yourself, there are more than enough professionals who do this job for you in no time.

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