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Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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Today we are going to talk about sweet gourmet! Because sweet gourmet isn’t just about grilling and meat? No, you can also make great pancakes with the gourmet! Tasty American pancakes or good old-fashioned pancakes. Whichever variant you choose, this guarantees a fun evening of gourmet cooking. There are all kinds of recipes and methods, today I will go over with you what to put on the table.

After all, what are the required pitches to watch for with pancake making while gourmetting?

Delicious gourmets with pancakes, what do you put on the table?

For the occasion, you obviously want to set the table as well as possible with appropriate decoration. A good gourmet, if you do not have one, you can easily buy in a lot of local stores, the Blokker for example.

Pancake gourmet ingredients

Pancake gourmet is always a fun idea. You can put all kinds of different things on the table. Not everyone always likes everything on the table, so you have to take a little look at what everyone at home likes. Usually the choice is either savory or sweet.

Whether you go for healthy food with lots of savory things like vegetable pancakes (very tasty!) Or you go for the classic powdered sugar and syrup pancake.

Bonus tip: What is very tasty are pancakes with Italian herbs. It is also nice if you make a bit thicker batter and add other savory things like bacon for example.

Pancake batter

Of course, this should not be missing from the table. I always make my favorite pancake batter myself and leave it on the table in small bottles. With this you can then vary nicely, I myself always add a little cocoa powder before baking.

On the other hand, I can also highly recommend American pancakes. You might want to make extra and put them on the table as an extra choice.

The toppings

In terms of toppings, there are an incredible number of options. It just depends on which recipes you stick to and how you like them. The following ingredients are very tasty as toppings for a pancake from the grill!

  • Powdered sugar
  • Whipped cream (whipped)
  • Strawberries
  • Apple (with cinnamon)
  • Raisins
  • Banana
  • Hazelnut spread
  • Ice cream
  • Speculoos
  • Nuts
  • Red berries
  • Cheese

In addition, of course, you also bake pancakes with butter! This is one of the ingredients that of course absolutely must not be missing from all recipes.

Great as appetizers!

In addition, pancake recipes are not only a good idea during the holidays or for dinner. Pancakes from the gourmet set are also a great solution if you want to try something new in terms of drinks and snacks.

Besides, you can experiment with the gourmet anyway during a get-together, you can cook eggs in the pans with all kinds of tasty toppings as additions and you can even make a pizza on the gourmet, delicious with mozzarella!

Tip: fold-out gourmet

A handy tip if you want to experiment with the gourmet more often: choose a fold-out gourmet! I can tell you that this is a very handy invention. With a fold-out gourmet, you put everything you need to get going with those pans on the table in no time.

A fold-out gourmet is also very handy when you have a somewhat smaller table. Also, cleaning a fold-out gourmet is often very simple. For tips on gourmet cleaning, check out our other blog posts!

Tips for the tastiest gourmet pancake

Making batter can sometimes still be a task. That’s why we give you some more tips for making delicious batter!

  • The most important tip is to let the batter rest for a while every now and then. This gives the gluten more time to bond with each other.
  • Use a little butter or oil under the pancakes. You can throw them on just like that, but a little butter or oil on the griddle really makes the pancake a lot tastier. In addition, it ensures that it gets nicely browned, and without butter or oil the pancake often burns quickly.
  • Counteract too thick or too thin batter by making sure it runs nicely off the spoon or whisk. Too thick batter cooks badly and too thin batter causes the baking to go way too fast. The solution to this can be to add a little milk for batter that is too thick, and for batter that is too thin you can add a little pancake mix. This often improves the quality of batter that is too thick or too thin.

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