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Updated on 05 Aug 2023
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These days it is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without it – the dishwasher. After dinner you put all your dishes in it, press the button and less than an hour later your plates, cutlery and cups are completely clean. Yet you won’t notice that you have the thing until it stops working, because then everything has to be done by hand as usual. To prevent it from coming to that, I have listed here six tips on how to extend the life of a dishwasher.

The average lifespan

Of course, the lifespan depends on which brand and model of dishwasher you buy. You have brands with a good reputation that perform poorly and brands with a bad reputation that, interestingly enough, actually last a very long time. After all, some last longer than others. Quality appliances can sometimes last twenty years or more. Yet other dishwashers do not fare as well – sometimes as little as three years before something breaks down. The average lifespan is about ten years.

Turn on your dishwasher regularly

In all these years of using my dishwasher, one thing I have come to understand very well is that the beast must be used regularly. Not only will you make sure that food scraps do not stick, crust and even start to rot, but you will also make sure that the mechanism of the machine continues to do well. The little motor and pump will have less tendency to rust, for example, if there is regular movement in the mechanism.

Check the filter regularly

To keep a dishwasher functioning, regularly checking the filters in it is something that needs attention. For example, you don’t want food residue to build up in those filters and will interfere with the machine’s drainage. Moreover, these residues can rot and mold, which is not hygienic. I recommend that you clean the filter about once every two to three months. More often won’t hurt either.

Use the right cleaning agents

With every new dishwasher comes a manual. I’m not one who likes to flip through such things, but it’s still good to flip through it. Look especially at the cleaning products it recommends to use. It is these dishwasher cubes, salt and rinse aid that not only make your dishwasher clean dishes the best, but also make it keep cleaning the longest.

Take advantage of the self-cleaning program

On most modern dishwashers these days there is a self-cleaning program. With the push of a button and the introduction of the proper cleaning agents, you will ensure that all bacteria, food residue and any mold is removed from the appliance. I still recommend doing this once every two months with an empty dishwasher.

Keep the rubber edge clean

Another thing I have seen is that keeping the rubber edge of the door clean is critical. No one wants leaks and steam and water escaping from the dishwasher with all the consequences for your new kitchen. When cleaning that edge, use as soft a cloth as possible. After that, check that the door closes properly.

Don’t do it too hot

If you run too many hot washes too often, over time there may be such a thing as certain components burning or melting. Especially if many components are plastic, this is a possibility. For example, I can tell you that I often run the eco program for this reason. This is not only good for the dishwasher itself, but also for the environment.

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