Buying a kettle? These are the 10 best kettles of 2023

Updated on 04 Aug 2023

For our kettle test, we tested 15 kettles based on different aspects: build quality, performance, features and ease of use. In this TOP-10 we take into account everyone’s budget: from kettles for a few tens of dollars to more luxurious kettles for over 100 euros.

With this TOP-10, we hope to help you find the best kettle within your needs and budget. If you can’t find it or have questions about our kettle test, please send us a message.

TOP-10 best kettles 2023

TOP-10 beste waterkokers 2023

When buying a kettle, it’s important to know what features are important to you. For example, if you make a lot of tea, you might want a kettle with a special tea filter. Do you use the kettle a lot? Then choose a kettle with a keep-warm function.

In short, there are plenty of options and we hope the TOP-10 below will make the choice easier for you.

The best kettle 2023 1

Bosch TWK8611P Styline

The Bosch TW8611P Skyline has been voted the best kettle of 2023 by us. This spacious kettle from Bosch is pleasing to the eye and is available in black, white and aqua blue. The reason we voted this kettle best is because of the number of features, ease of use and build quality.

The Bosch TWK8611P Styline feels sturdy and doesn’t heat up quickly on the outside thanks to a double-walled housing, making it a safe choice for families with small children. Thanks to the adjustable temperature and a keep-warm function, the Bosch TWK8611P Styline does not disappoint tea lovers either.

For the temperature settings, you have a choice of: 70, 80, 90 and 100 degrees. The warming function is 30 minutes. With a size of 1.5 liters, this kettle is suitable for any household.

  • The best tested kettle
  • Double-walled housing
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Warm-up function: 30 min.
  • Size: 1.5 liters
  • In different colors
  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Take up a little more space

The best buy 2023 2

Russell Hobbs 23211-70 Luna

The Russell Hobbs 23211-70 Luna has emerged as a best buy from our kettle test. England’s Russell Hobbs specializes in whistling kettles and kettles. This is directly reflected in the excellent build quality of this stainless steel kettle. With a capacity of 1.7 liters, this kettle is suitable for a family.

The Russell Hobbs 23211-70 Luna is a fast kettle that boils water within 55 seconds. Other than that, this is a kettle with no fuss. It does what it is supposed to do, the build quality promises longevity and the design looks sleek. This Russell Hobbs kettle is available in gray, dark red and copper. In short, a good kettle at a good price.

  • The best buy
  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Fast kettle
  • Excellent price
  • Good build quality
  • stainless steel kettle
  • No adjustable temperature

The best glass kettle 3

Philips HD9339/80

The advantage to a glass kettle is that you can see at a glance how much water is in the jug and when it was boiled. In terms of build quality, design and performance, we voted the Philips HD9339/80 kettle as the best glass kettle.

This spacious 1.7-liter kettle is suitable for a medium to large family. The Philips kettle HD9339/80 shows with LED lights when the water is boiling. Furthermore, this is a solid kettle that you will enjoy for years to come.

Keep in mind that a glass kettle breaks faster and the outside can get very hot, making a glass kettle less suitable for a family with small children.

  • The best glass kettle
  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Good price
  • Led lighting
  • see at a glance when it is ready
  • Exterior becomes hot

The best kettle with adjustable temperature 4

Tefal Flagship KO8508

For tea and coffee lovers, an adjustable temperature is convenient. Most tea leaves lose flavor at high temperatures. The Tefal Flagship KO8508 was voted by our editors as the best kettle with adjustable temperature. So you have a choice of 5 different temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees.

Thanks to the real-time digital display, you always have a view of the temperature. So you can stop the kettle at the desired temperature at any time. It is a spacious kettle with a capacity of 1.7 liters.

The minimalist design also appealed to us. The outside of this Tefal kettle is made of quality plastic, while the inside is stainless steel.

  • Luxury kettle
  • Suitable for tea and coffee lovers
  • Real-time digital screen
  • Excellent build quality
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Inside stainless steel
  • Reasonably priced

The best kettle for camping 5

Aigostar Cooltravel 30 JQL

Planning to take the kettle with you on vacation? We voted the Aigostar Cooltravel 30 JQL the best small kettle for camping. With a size of 0.6 liters and a plastic housing, you can take this kettle with you wherever you go.

This kettle is specially designed as a travel kettle. Thus, you receive a universal voltage that you can use in any country and two cups and spoons are included to fit in the kettle. Furthermore, the Aigostar Cooltravel 30 JQL is a kettle without any fuss, but for a travel kettle you don’t need a lot of functionalities either.

  • Best kettle for vacation
  • Small and compact
  • Kettle without fuss
  • Universal voltage
  • Suitable for camping
  • Highly rated
  • Format provides limitations

The best designer kettle 6

KitchenAid 5KEK1565H

We have named the KitchenAid 5KEK1565H the most beautiful designer kettle of 2023. This kettle from the well-known KitchenAid brand is available in apple red, gray and dark red. You buy this kettle mainly for KitchenAid’s design and build quality. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, this kettle is suitable for every household.

Despite its high price, the KitchenAid 5KEK1565H has few options and features. If you want a KitchenAid kettle where you can set the temperature of the water then you will have to dig a little deeper for the retro version: KitchenAid 5KEK1522EAC.

  • Most beautiful design (retro)
  • In different colors
  • Capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Excellent build quality
  • High price
  • Few features

The best retro kettle 7


The best retro kettle is the SMEG KLF03BLEU available in different colors: from rose gold to cream white. SMEG is known for retro kitchen appliances that look stylish. The Italian brand has been a reliable brand worldwide since 1948. Of course, you pay more money for the brand, but you get a very nice kettle in return.

In terms of functionalities, the SMEG KLF03BLEU is quite a simple kettle. This SMEG kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters, which is enough for 7 cups of tea.

Would you prefer something cheaper? Fortunately there are many cheaper retro kettles on offer, for example this retro kettle from Russell Hobbs 21885-70 which is extra quiet. The Moa brand also has a nice and affordable retro kettle in its range.

  • Beautiful design
  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Good build quality
  • In different colors
  • Silent kettle
  • High price

The best kettle for large families 8

MOA Hot Water Dispenser

Basically, most families have enough with a 1.7 liter kettle. If you are looking for a larger kettle, you might also consider this MOA Hot Water Dispenser. With this hot water dispenser from MOA, you always have hot water at your fingertips. Ideal when you often need boiling water for tea and/or cooking, for example.

The MOA Hot Water Dispenser provides you with a 2.5 liter reservoir. This reservoir is removable and therefore easy to fill with water. Keep in mind that it is a large device, so it is smart to check the dimensions.

One disadvantage of a Hot Water Dispenser is that it constantly consumes energy. Hence, we only recommend this option to households that frequently use the kettle. Do you still prefer to stick with a kettle? Then check out the Hendi Kettle with a whopping 4.2 liter capacity.

  • High ease of use
  • Ideal for cooking and hot tea
  • Capacity: 2.5 liters
  • High quality, good price
  • Uses a lot of energy
  • hefty device

The best kettle for tea lovers 9

Solis Tea Kettle Digital 5515

It was quickly clear to us at the editorial department which kettle is the best for tea lovers. This has become the Solis Tea Kettle Digital 5515. We have always been big fans of Solis’ quality and design, and we can say the same about the Solis Tea Kettle Digital 5515.

This Solis kettle has a metal filter for the tea that you place in the kettle. You set the temperature yourself between 50 and 100 degrees. With the keep warm function you can keep your tea or water warm for up to 30 minutes.

Keep in mind that glassware can be broken. Therefore, for a family with young children, I find this kettle from Solis less suitable.

  • Ideal for tea and coffee
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Beautiful design
  • Metal filter for tea
  • Glassware gets hot
  • Higher price

The best kettle with smartphone controls 10

Xiaomi kettle

There are few smart kettles that you can control via a smartphone app, but the Xiaomi kettle stands out. This kettle from the Chinese brand Xiaomi is compatible with the Xiaomi smartphone app from Android and Apple.

Through the app, you control the temperature of the water and can turn the kettle on and off. Another handy feature is that you can keep the water hot for 12 hours. This is much longer compared to other kettles with a keep-warm function.

The design looks sleek and simplistic. The reservoir is 1.5 liters, so this smart kettle does not take up too much space on the countertop.

  • Smart kettle
  • Capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Warm-up function: 12 hours
  • Compatible with app Android & Apple
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Higher price
  • Small size

Overview with the 10 best kettles from our test

Other kettles we tested

Andere waterkokers die wij getest hebben

For our kettle test, we extensively tested a total of 15 kettles. Below are the remaining kettles we tested:

  • ALESSI – Plisse kettle Alessi’s kettles look very stylish. Still, we found the style less appealing compared to KitchenAid and SMEG.
  • Philips Daily Collection HD9350/90 looking for a bargain? Then we recommend this kettle from Philips. This is also the best-selling kettle in 2020.
  • Princess 236017 that kettles can be spot on, Princess proves. You’ll pay less than 20 euros for this kettle.
  • Siemens TW86103P Sensor for senses a luxury kettle that certainly could have been in our TOP-10 as well. With adjustable temperature, keep-warm function and a capacity of 1.5 liters.
  • Tefal Safe to Touch KO3718 this is the safest kettle thanks to a double-walled housing that does not get hot. Therefore, we recommend this Tefal kettle to families with young children.

Buying a kettle, what do you pay attention to?

Waterkoker kopen, waar let je op?

When buying a new kettle, it is helpful to answer a few questions. This will give you a better understanding of your needs and what is important to you. We have listed some of these questions for you:

  • What is your budget?
  • How big should the reservoir be?
  • Is it important to you to set the temperature of the water?
  • Do you use the kettle primarily for making tea?
  • Want to keep water warm for a longer period of time?
  • Housing made of plastic, metal or glass?

What is a boil dry protection device?

Almost all kettles are equipped with a boil-dry protection. This is important to avoid dangerous situations. This prevents the kettle from continuing to boil when there is no more water in the jug. Thus, it turns off automatically.

What is your budget?

Fortunately, a good kettle doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy a simple kettle with a plastic housing for just a few dollars. If you want a more durable kettle that lasts longer, a retro kettle with a nice design or a kettle with temperature control, you’ll have to dig deeper. Are you on a budget? Check out the best kettle deals here.

How big should the reservoir be?

Or rather, how much water do you want to be able to brew at once? If you don’t have much space on the countertop, then choose a small kettle or a 1 liter kettle. There are even smaller kettles available with 0.5 liters. An extra-large kettle has a reservoir of more than 2 liters, which is ideal for a large household.

Kettle with temperature controller

A kettle with a temperature controller allows you to set the temperature yourself. This can be useful when you need hot water instead of boiling water or when an exact temperature is important to you. A kettle with an adjustable water temperature are often a bit more expensive. It varies from kettle to kettle how you set the temperature (usually with push buttons).

Tea kettle, what is that?

As a true tea lover, a tea maker might suit you better. This is a kettle and tea maker in one. You place the special tea filter in the jug with the loose or fresh tea. The filter is attached to the lid of the kettle, but is easily removed when the tea is drawn. Tea makers have a glass housing, so you know when the tea is at strength.

Kettle with warming function

A keep-warm function allows you to keep the water at temperature for a longer period of time. This is useful when you drink a lot of tea or coffee or have a large household. That way you don’t have to boil the water over and over again. The water stays hot for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Kettle made of plastic, metal or glass

Kettles are made of different materials, namely plastic, metal and glass. With a glass kettle, you can see when it is empty and when the water is boiling. Some glass kettles have built-in lighting, which looks nice. The disadvantage of glass kettles is that the outside gets very hot while boiling. For cheaper kettles, you often end up with a plastic one. Stainless steel kettles often have a longer lifespan.

Kettles with double-walled housing

Often people buy a double-walled kettle because they think the outside won’t get hot. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The water does stay hot longer in a double-walled kettle.

Kettle for camping

A camping kettle is often smaller in size and easy to carry. Often a camping kettle has a small water reservoir, namely 0.5 to 1.0 liter. For lightweight, we recommend a water filter with a plastic body.

Kettle or whistling kettle?

In addition to a kettle, you can also choose a whistling kettle for boiling water. The difference between a kettle and whistling kettle is that you place the kettle on a stove, gas or induction plate. Once the water boils, the kettle makes a whistling sound.

Kettle brands

Merken waterkokers

The selection of kettles is truly huge. The most popular brands can be found below:

Smeg kettles

If you have a stylish kitchen then a Smeg kettle fits it best, available in different colors such as black, white, red, pastel green or blue, pink and chrome. The body is made of metal and the reservoir has a capacity of 1.7 liters. For a Smeg kettle you will have to dig deeper into the pocket.

KitchenAid kettle

KitchenAid kettles are popular because of their appearance. They are available in KitchenAid’s familiar colors of imperial red, almond white, apple red and stainless steel. Kettles from KitchenAid have a capacity between 1.5 and 1.7 liters. You can set the temperature and the housing is made of metal or plastic.

Blokker kettles

Blokker sells kettles under its own name. The Blokker kettles differ in appearance, housing and prices. For just a few tens you can buy a Blokker kettle which makes it an excellent option for people on a budget. Blokker kettles are inexpensive without compromising on design. For a good price, you buy a stylish kettle.

Philips kettle

Philips kettles are known for excellent value for money. For a good price you can buy a stylish kettle From a simple kettle for a few tens to more luxurious models for a higher price. The best-selling Philips kettle is the Philips Daily HD9349/10. It is made of stainless steel, not too big and easy to use.

Tefal kettle

Tefal is known not only for selling pans, but also for selling other kitchen appliances such as kettles. Tefal kettles come in many colors and sizes with housing made of stainless steel or plastic. The best-selling Tefal water filter is the Tefal Flagship KO8508 a stylish water filter with temperature control.

Russel Hobbs kettle

Looking for a stylish retro water filter? Then a Russel Hobbs kettle may be what you’re looking for. Russel Hobbs kettles come in different designs and colors, but one thing they have in common is that they all look stylish. The best-selling Russel Hobbs kettle is the Classic Noir which boils a jug of water in 55 seconds

Inventum kettle

Inventum is a well-known brand for kitchen appliances. Inventum kettles are an excellent choice when you are on a budget. The best-selling Inventum kettle is the Inventum HW217B For only 30 euros, you will receive a stylish water filter with a large 1.7-liter water tank.

Other brands of kettles

It would be a long page if we discussed all kettle brands. Below you will find other brands:

  • Alessi kettles
  • Siemens kettles
  • Bosch kettles
  • Kenwood electric kettles
  • wmf kettles
  • Berlinger Haus kettle
  • De’Longhi electric kettles
  • Stelton kettle
  • Princess kettles
  • Tristar kettles
  • Bodum kettle
  • Tomado kettles
  • Nedis kettle
  • Braun kettle
  • Graef kettle
  • Severin kettle

Conclusion: what is the best kettle for you?

Conclusie: wat is de beste waterkoker voor jou?

Which kettle is best to purchase depends mainly on your budget and the ease of use you are looking for. In addition, perhaps the eye wants something too. The kettle that combines a decent capacity, ease of use, features and a nice design is our test winner, the Bosch TW8611P Skyline It is quite a bit more expensive for a kettle, but you get quite a lot of features in return.

If you want to spend as little money as possible, then choose a kettle that does what it’s supposed to do: boil water. If that’s all you want from your kettle, we think the Russell Hobbs 23211-70 Luna is a good choice. It offers speed and thoroughness for a modest purchase price.

Of course, there are many other kettles available, all of which boil water. Devices with a large capacity, devices that can be remotely controlled, you name it. There are also dispensers available, from which you can tap hot water continuously. It’s just what you want. Take another look at our top 10 and make your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we receive questions from our visitors. Below you will find the frequently asked questions listed:

What is the best kettle 2023?

The Bosch TWK8611P Styline was voted the best kettle by our editors due to its excellent build quality, many features and the design of the appliance.

What is a quiet kettle?

In our kettle test, the Russell Hobbs 21885-70 was named the quietest kettle of the 15 kettles we tested.

How long does a kettle last?

Of course, this varies by brand. If you buy a kettle for several tens of dollars, you can assume that the kettle will not last as long. In addition, the lifespan depends on usage and water hardness in your area. For kettles with the best build quality, we recommend Bosch, Russell Hobbs, KitchenAid and SMEG.

Which kettle for tea?

Do you like to drink a cup of tea? The Solis Tea Kettle Digital 5515 was voted by us as the best kettle for tea lovers due to its metal filter, adjustable temperature and keep-warm function. These are all essential features for making tea.

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