Is orange juice really as healthy as we think?

Updated on 25 Jul 2023
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Orange juice sounds healthy; after all, it is 100% fruit. But is orange juice really as healthy as we think? In this article, we list the pros and cons of a glass of fresh orange juice.

Orange juice is a source of vitamin C

Oranges, as well as orange juice, contain a lot of vitamin C. This is a vitamin that acts as an antioxidant in the body and is needed for the formation of connective tissue, the maintenance of resistance and the absorption of iron. Exactly how much vitamin C is in an orange depends on the variety, growing conditions of the fruit and transportation. Some of the vitamin is also lost during juicing. However, there is more vitamin C in fresh-squeezed juice than in juice from concentrate, which you often find in the supermarket. One glass of freshly squeezed juice contains two-thirds of the recommended amount of vitamin C, while an orange contains 80%.

That’s how much sugar is in a glass of fresh orange juice

Orange juice contains not only vitamins that are good for you, but also lots of sugars. Did you know that a glass of orange juice contains about as much sugar as a glass of cola? The difference here is that orange contains fructose naturally, while cola is added sugars. Drinking a 200-milliliter glass of juice gives you an amount of sugar comparable to four or five sugar cubes. Now you’re probably thinking: isn’t that the same with eating an orange? No, it is not the same, because the sugar is gradually released into your blood after eating and is therefore healthier.

Fiber in orange juice

Oranges contain fiber found mainly in the pulp. Fiber is found in many foods and is not only good for your bowels and bowel movements, but can also lower your LDL cholesterol. However, when you squeeze oranges, you get much less of this fiber. Because they are in the pulp, they are often lost. When you eat an orange, you do get these fibers.

Is orange juice bad for your teeth?

Orange juice contains not only sugars, but also acids. Both substances can damage your teeth and cause cavities, for example. So it is important not to drink fruit juice, including orange juice, too often to protect your teeth.

Which is better: drinking orange juice or eating an orange?

In general, it is healthier to eat an orange than to drink a glass of orange juice. In both cases you get vitamin C, although this is slightly lower with juice, but for the other substances eating is better. This is because by eating an orange, the sugar is gradually absorbed into your blood ánd you get fiber, while this is not the case with juice. Do you decide to choose juice anyway? Then it is best to choose freshly squeezed juice and not juice with added sugars from the supermarket.

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