How wide is an American refrigerator?

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Updated on 20 Jul 2023
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The American refrigerator is making its appearance in more and more households. There are several variants available: the side-by-side refrigerator, where the refrigerator and freezer compartments are next to each other, is the best known. There are also the French door refrigerator, whose upper part has no partition, and the door-in-door refrigerator. The latter has a small door in the door, for easy access to the products you use most often. An American refrigerator, especially the side-by-side model, offers extra space mainly in depth and width. But exactly how wide is an American refrigerator?

An American refrigerator is wider than a regular refrigerator

An American refrigerator is always at least 70 centimeters wide. Widths of 90 centimeters or more are also common. So you can say that an American refrigerator has a width of between 70 and 100 centimeters. When you compare that with a regular refrigerator, you can’t help but conclude that the American version is a lot wider. The width of a regular refrigerator is between 50 and 90 centimeters. However, most regular refrigerator-freezers are 60 centimeters wide. A 70-centimeter refrigerator is already considered an extra-large refrigerator.

A wide variation in width

Are you considering buying an American fridge? Then it is important to look carefully at the specifications. The width of this type of refrigerator varies much more than is the case with a regular refrigerator. Also check if your kitchen has enough space. Because the American refrigerator has 2 opening doors, you need to reserve additional space for that.

More width means more capacity

The generous width of an American refrigerator is also reflected in its capacity. If you choose a wide and high model, the number of net liters also increases. The cooling capacity of an American refrigerator is around 400 liters. The average “regular” refrigerator has a capacity of 150 to 250 liters. The freezer capacity of an American refrigerator ranges from 75 to 270 liters. By the way, the larger capacity is determined not only by the width, but also by the depth of an American refrigerator.

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