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Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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Gourmet cooking. in the US we love it. Especially with the holidays, the gourmet set is often taken out of the cupboard. Everyone sitting cozily around the table and can make whatever they feel like. Only, cleaning the gourmet set is a less fun job. Most often wait until the next morning to clean the gourmet set.

Cleaning often seems difficult

It is often a big struggle to get the food scraps off the grill. All the grease and stains are a drain on your gourmet set. However, cleaning your gourmet set is often a lot easier than it seems. I give you the best tips when it comes to cleaning your gourmet set.

The best tips for cleaning your gourmet set

I like to give you the best cleaning tips for after gourmet cooking.

Don’t wait until the next morning

The first thing to pass along is that next time after gourmet cooking, you should get right to work. Of course, this is not the most fun job. You’re sitting around the table with family or friends, chatting nicely with a glass of wine, then it makes sense that cleaning your gourmet set is not the first thing you feel like doing.

It is quite tempting, but not wise not to clean immediately after gourmet cooking and wait until the next morning. It’s not convenient. The gourmet set will be full of caked grease, melted cheese, dirt stains and in addition, you will smell terrible the day after. People who leave it overnight will get an unpleasant surprise the next day when they try to clean the pans and griddle with a suds of hot water and dish soap and a brush.

Method of cleaning gourmet set

You often cannot get the griddle and heating element under control with a scouring pad. This can damage the Teflon layer on the plate. It is best to soak them in soapy water.

After the griddle has been soaking for a while, brush the soaked dirt off the plate. It is definitely not recommended to use oven cleaner for your plate. These caustic agents can damage the plate and for longevity, dish soap or just using a brush is often sufficient.

Getting griddle clean properly

If you really want to get the griddle clean properly, the best thing to do is to fill a waterproof bag with a good splash of ammonia and suds. Then you put the plate in this so-called mixture and let it soak overnight so it can soak in well. The next day, clean the plate with greatest ease!

Pans in the dishwasher

The pans are not made of the same material as the griddle so you can simply clean a pan with the dishwasher. However, remember to wipe them down first with a piece of kitchen paper before putting them in the dishwasher.

Burnt Stains

It is annoying if you have burnt-in stains in the griddle of your gourmet set. However, this kind of problem is quite easy to solve. With a little ammonia you can make the stains in the griddle of your gourmet set disappear like snow in the sun. However, it is important to ventilate well when using ammonia!

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