Buying best food processor? These are the top 10 Foodprocessors on the market in 2023!

Updated on 25 Aug 2023

The best kitchen appliances of 2023. Curious? For our kitchen machine test, we have extensively tested a total of 15 kitchen machines based on: build quality, performance, ease of use, features, content and the included extras. Based on our test, we have made a selection of the 10 best kitchen machines from 2023 to make your choice easier for you. In doing so, we take into account everyone’s budget and needs and show you food processors from the best brands!

A good food processor, also known as a food processor, is an all-in-one machine. It was originally designed for chopping, grinding and slicing, but with additional accessories you can expand a food processor’s functionality to a blender, mixer or juicer. Looking for a powerful food processor? We have listed the best buy kitchen machines for you.

TOP-10 best kitchen appliances of 2023

Want to buy food processor? Below is our selection with the 10 best 2023 kitchen machines and kitchen mixers from 2023- compiled by our editors. We hope this will make the choice easier for you. Can’t figure it out and could use some help? Contact one of our staff members.

The best food processor in our test 1

JAP MasterMix – 3in1 Food processor with spatula

JAR is a Dutch brand, which is gaining prominence in the Dutch market.

The JAP MasterMix is a hugely versatile food processor for around 100 euros. You use it not only for mixing your ingredients, but also for kneading your dough. You simply place the parts in the dishwasher after use, so you spend little time cleaning your food processor. In short, a very fine appliance at an excellent price!

  • Feels solid (aluminum)
  • Excellently priced
  • Beater, dough hook, whisk and spatula
  • 6 speeds
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cookbook included
  • Mixing bowl of 5.7 liters
  • With pulse function
  • Not suitable for cutting
  • Not suitable for sauces
In short

Our conclusion

The JAP MasterMix food processor is especially suitable for baking cakes, cookies, breads and other recipes involving dough. It is a powerful appliance made of premium materials. Thus, unlike many other products, this food processor stays firmly on its feet, even when preparing dough. This food processor is less suitable for cutting ingredients and grinding ingredients (for making a soup or sauce).

The best luxury food processor in our test 2

Magimix CS 5200XL Premium

First of all, we present the best tested food processor. The best 2021 food processor from our test is the: Magimix CS 5200XL Premium Of course, we do not give the title “best tested food processor for no reason:

This is a complete kitchen helper that makes other appliances unnecessary and the one that comes closest to “the perfect food processor.” With the included accessories, you can use this powerhouse as: juicer, juicer, juicer, whisk, kneader, blender and mixer. A total of 4 cutting and grating discs are included for preparing vegetables.

The capacity of the mixing bowl is 3.6 liters which allows you to prepare food for 8 people. Keep in mind that it is quite a large appliance and the included accessories also take up space.

A big plus to this Magimix food processor is its build quality. Thanks to the stainless steel housing, the appliance feels sturdy. The same goes for the accessories that are made of plastic. Confidence at Magimix itself is also high, as you get a 30-year warranty on the powerful motor. All in all, by far the best quality food processor.

  • Power 1,100 watts
  • Capacity 3.6 liters
  • Many cutting, chopping and mixing accessories
  • Solidly built
  • Automatic speed setting
  • Quite pricey
  • Speed not manually adjustable
In short

Our conclusion

The Magimix CS 5200XL Premium was voted the best 2021 food processor by our editors for a reason. This the ultimate food processor for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen. It is a super versatile kitchen machine, easy to use and, thanks to its sturdy build quality, one you will enjoy for years to come. Only point of criticism: this food processor has only one speed.

The best buy 2023 3

Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH

Kenwood, known for many high-quality models such as the Kenwood kMix. The Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH was voted best buy kitchen machine by our editors, so you can count on excellent value for money. Kenwood is one of the best brands on the market. This Kenwood food processor is made of quality plastic and feels sturdy and solid, which is important for a food processor.

With the included accessories, you can use the Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH for slicing, grating, kneading, mixing and pressing. For example, you will receive a dough hook for mixing dough, cutting and grating discs for preparing vegetables, an additional blender for smoothies and soups and a citrus juicer for making fresh orange juice.

The Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH has a 3-liter mixing bowl which makes the kitchen tool suitable for a medium to large family. The powerful 1000 wat motor offers two speeds and a pulse function that lets you use the maximum speed as long as you keep the button pressed. With this Kenwood motor mix, slice, chop, grind, blend all your ingredients and easily put a family meal on the table!

  • Power 1,000 watts
  • Contents 3 liters
  • Includes blender and juicer
  • Case for loose accessories
  • Affordable
  • Only 2 speeds adjustable
In short

Our conclusion

The Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH is an excellent choice for households who want a quality and complete food processor without spending hundreds of dollars. Also convenient: you will receive a storage bag for all accessories. If you use the food processor regularly for kneading then we recommend looking further.

The best 2023 food processor on a budget 4

Philips Daily HR7310/00

The Philips Daily HR7310/10 is an excellent food processor for when you have a little less money to spend. You won’t lose out in terms of functionalities, although the build quality is a little less than that of more expensive food processors.

Don’t feel like spending hundreds of euros? You don’t have to. The Philips Daily HR7310/00 came out of the test as for households on a budget. Despite the low price, you use this Philips food processor for: kneading, beating, grating and slicing.

In total, the Philips Daily HR7310/00 gives you a choice of 3 speeds where speed 1 is meant for beating cream, eggs, making pastries and bread dough. Speed 2 is meant for chopping vegetables, grinding meat and smoothies. Unfortunately, this food processor does not have a pulse function.

All parts of this Philips food processor are made of plastic and dishwasher safe. The build quality is fine, although certain small parts feel quite cheap. Do you think solid build quality is important? Then consider the Philips Viva HR7530/10.

  • Cheap to buy
  • Power 700 watts
  • Capacity 2.1 liters
  • Accessories store in the mixing bowl
  • Cord storage compartment
  • No blender for smoothies
  • Not suitable for large households
In short

Our conclusion

As we have come to expect from Philips, the value for money of the Philips Daily HR7310/00 is pretty good. It is a good and handy food processor that is actually quite versatile for the price you pay. Just keep in mind that the mixing bowl is quite small, at 2.1 liters (you never fill it completely, though). It also does not come with a separate blender for making smoothies.

The best 2023 food processor for baking 5

Bourgini Classic Kitchen Chef

The Bourgini Classic Kitchen Chef is more of a kitchen mixer, so it is mainly meant for mixing and kneading dough for bread, cake and pizza. This is the best kitchen mixer within the +/- 100 euro price range that we tested.

With the Bourgini Classic Kitchen Chef you have a mixing bowl of 4.5 liters. It has a powerful motor, which is necessary for kneading dough. With a handy rotary knob, you can choose from 6 speeds, including a turbo function.

The device looks stylish thanks to the stainless steel housing and mixing bowl and is available in different colors: red, black, gray and silver. When kneading dough, the appliance stays firmly in place thanks to its non-slip feet. The mixer and mixing bowl are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a lot easier.

  • Affordable
  • Power 1,300 watts
  • Contents 4.5 liters
  • 6 adjustable speeds
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent for dough preparation
  • Machine can only run for 6 consecutive minutes
  • Not very solid
In short

Our conclusion

The Bourgini Classic Kitchen Chef is a good choice when using the kitchen appliance primarily for preparing dough. For less than 100 euros you have a solid and beautiful appliance. Keep in mind that the motor needs 10 minutes of rest after 6 minutes of use. The build quality is fine for the purchase price, but if you are looking for a kitchen mixer that you will enjoy for years, we recommend the Kenwood Chef Titanium.

The best-selling food processor 6

Bosch MUM5 StartLine MUM54A00

The Bosch MUM5 StartLine MUM54A00 is the best-selling food processor in our test. After extensive testing it was clear to us why: for a good price you receive a solid kneading machine that you can expand with accessories from Bosch into a versatile kitchen appliance.

The Bosch MUM54A00 food processor is offered with different accessories that you can buy as a bundle. That way you choose the bundle that best suits your needs. The Bosch MUM5 StartLine MUM54A00 comes standard with a beater/whisk and a dough hook, making it especially suitable for kneading dough.

By purchasing separate accessories from Bosch, you can further expand the device with specific cutting, grating and grinding discs, meat grinders, grain mills or a holder to use the device as a blender, among others. The Bosch MUM5 StartLine MUM54A00 has excellent build quality, feels sturdy and is pleasing to the eye. This food processor Bosch offers 6 speeds with a pulse function and has a 3.9-liter stainless steel mixing bowl.

  • Good value for money
  • Power 900 watts
  • Capacity 3.9 liters
  • 7 adjustable speeds
  • Includes beaters, whisk and dough hook
  • Additional accessories ordered separately from basic model
  • Not suitable for heavy dough
In short

Our conclusion

The Bosch MUM5 StartLine MUM54A00 is a good food processor that you can expand endlessly by buying additional accessories from Bosch. It was not for nothing named best buy by the Consumers’ Association in June 2021, which we fully agree with. If you want to expand this kitchen mixer into a food processor with blender, then choose the Bosch MUM5 CreationLine, which is 100 euros more expensive.

The best food processor for intensive use 7

Magimix CS 4200XL

Do you like to stand in the kitchen or regularly cook for large groups? Then you need a food processor with a powerful motor. The Magimix CS 4200XL has an output of 1000 to 1250 wat and we saw that immediately in the results. This food processor gets everything broken and you can leave it on for a long time.

With intensive use, good build quality is very important. With the Magimix CS 4200XL, you can count on excellent build quality thanks to the stainless steel housing and a strong motor that comes with a 30-year warranty. This makes the Magimix CS 4200XL suitable for intensive use. This food processor is available in many different colors.

Thanks to the sharp discs, it is possible to cut soft fruits and vegetables into nice slices, something that is not obvious. With the included blender mix, you can also use this food processor as a blender for making smoothies, soups and sauces. A total of 3 mixing bowls are included: 1.2 liters, 2.6 liters and 3 liters.

  • Power 950 watts
  • 3 mixing bowls of 1.2, 2.6 and 3 liters
  • Excellent cutting and grating function
  • Includes blender mix attachment for smoothies
  • Storage box for accessories and cookbook included
  • Quite pricey
  • Veel accessoires handmatig schoonmaken
In short

Our conclusion

We noticed that Kenwood and Magimix kitchen machines have the best build quality, which is essential for intensive use. Thanks to the strong motor, you can use it for a long time at a time, unlike cheaper kitchen machines that need regular rest. Point of criticism: the parts are dishwasher safe to a maximum of 40 degrees, which sometimes makes it more convenient to clean the accessories by hand.

The best 2023 food processor for design lovers 8

KitchenAid food processors

The KitchenAid food processor is not only an attractive appliance, but also one with excellent build quality – which makes it suitable for everyday use.

WIl you want to get the most beautiful food processor in your home? Get the eyecatcher in your home with this new food processor! We voted the KitchenAid Foodprocessor as the most stylish food processor. The KitchenAid kitchen machines are available in different colors: cream, dark red, silver and black.

Fortunately, KitchenAid food processors are not only stylish but also versatile. This food processor allows you to chop, slice, grate, whip and mix both large and small quantities. In fact, it comes with a large 3.1-liter mixing bowl and a smaller 0.95-liter bowl.

This KitchenAid food processor has 2 speeds and a pulse setting. All parts are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning very easy.

Extra tip: A flat mixing hook is also available for KitchenAid appliances. A flat mixing hook works by pulling everything in the bowl all around. Thus, some of the ingredients are pulled through the openings and mixed thoroughly. Can be very handy!

  • Handsome design, in various designs
  • Power 400 watts
  • Mixing bowl capacity 3.1 liters
  • 2 speeds plus pulse mode
  • Easy to clean
  • Less suitable for dough
  • Not for large households
In short

Our conclusion

The eye wants something, too, and with that the KitchenAid food processor does not disappoint. The appliance looks great, is user-friendly and features excellent build quality. If you are going to use it only for kneading dough, consider the Kitchenaid Artisan food processor which is more of a dough machine.

The best food processor for a small kitchen 9

Bosch MCM4000 MultiTalent

Do you have a small kitchen or are you looking for a food processor for a one-person household? Then a small food processor is not a bad idea. The best food processor with a compact size is: Bosch MCM4000 MultiTalent This is an excellent compact entry-level food processor with a good value for money.

The Bosch MCM4000 MultiTalent has remained versatile despite its compact size. For example, you have 20 functions for grating, slicing, kneading dough and beating cream. In total, you have a choice of 2 speeds and a pulse function. With this food processor you will receive the following accessories: beaters/whisk, dough hook, cutting and grating discs. The ideal food processor for those with a smaller kitchen!

  • Power 700 watts
  • Mixing bowl capacity 1.21 liters
  • 2 speeds and pulse mode
  • Built-in drawer for accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for small households
  • Can’t work very long at a stretch
In short

Our conclusion

The Bosch MCM4000 MultiTalent is an excellent choice if you are looking for a compact food processor without compromising on features with a good value for money. Keep in mind that the machine has a power rating of 500 to 750 watts, so it needs to unwind from time to time. Looking for a mini food processor? Then check out the Cuisinart ® Mini Prep Pro ECH4PE with a capacity of 900 ml. Such a versatile food processor can come in very handy. Even for things like kneading, grating and cutting dough, it can be nice to have so many functions. Even a simple task like kneading dough is not always the same. After all, you make something different every time.

The best food processor for meat lovers 10

Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH

The Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH is the best multifunction food processor we tested. With its dedicated meat grinder, this food processor is suitable for any meat lover who hosts the occasional bbq or likes to make burgers and/or sausage.

With this versatile appliance, you will not only keep the meat eater happy. For example, you can use this food processor for slicing vegetables, chopping hard ingredients, blending smoothies and sauces, kneading dough and making juice. The ideal food processor for the meat eater!

Keep in mind that the Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH takes up quite a bit of space with all these features and a large 4.2-liter mixing bowl.

  • Power 1,000 watts
  • Mixing bowl capacity 4.3 liters
  • Solidly built
  • Accessories for blending, chopping, beating, kneading, mixing, grating and slicing
  • Meat grinder for making your own burgers and sausage
  • Less suitable for intensive use for kneading heavy dough
In short

Our conclusion

The Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH is an all-in-one food processor. Thanks to its many accessories, you can use this food processor for many tasks. The Kenwood brand is known for its excellent build quality and this is immediately reflected in this food processor. WIl you want to use it intensively for kneading heavy dough? Then it is better to look further.

Overview with the 10 best food processors from our test

Other kitchen appliances we tested

Other kitchen appliances we tested

For our test of the best 10 kitchen machines, we tested 15 kitchen machines, food processors and kitchen mixers in detail. Below are the remaining tested models:

  • KitchenAid Artisan Mixer we were lucky enough to test the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. What a great kitchen mixer this is. However, the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer is not in the TOP-10 because the KitchenAid Artisan is only meant for kneading dough.
  • Kenwood Chef Titanium Often up for heavy dough kneading? The Kenwood Chef Titanium is an excellent choice for heavy dough thanks to a very strong motor and dough hook, kneading heavy dough is child’s play. The Kenwood Chef Titanium is similar in design, features and build quality to the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer.
  • Bosch MCM3200W MultiTalent 3 looking for an affordable food processor Bosch? The Bosch MCM3200W costs less than 80 euros and offers many features and different settings.
  • Braun FP 3010 this food processor from Braun is good food processor for a great price. He does take up quite a bit of space on the countertop.
  • Philips Viva HR7530/00 are you on a budget? This Philips Viva food processor could easily have been the best buy in our test. Many accessories included: beating kneading shredding, slicing, grinding, centrifuging and blending. Kneading hook included.
  • Magimix Le Mini Plus a compact, beautiful and versatile food processor. It could have been more powerful in our opinion.
  • Ninja 3-in-1 Foodprocessor BN800EU a very multifunctional food processor 4 speeds and all the accessories you need.

Food processor, blender or blender?

Food processor, blender or blender?

Food processor is the umbrella term of both kitchen mixers and food processors. The choice of a particular food processor depends on the preparation. What will you use the food processor for? Do you really need a food processor or will a blender suffice as well? Will you use it only for baking and kneading dough? Then opt for a kitchen mixer.

The differences

  • Blender: mainly meant for making soups, tasty smoothies and vinegaraittes (if you want a solid blender you should choose a glass blender)
  • Food processor: this depends on the type of food processor and its accessories but with a good food processor you can cut and/or grate vegetables or grind beans and/or nuts for example. Want to make homemade pizza, tastiest pies or pancake batter, for example? A food processor is the bestie option for these kinds of heavy-duty tasks, as well as for the slightly lighter ones.
  • Kitchen mixer: a kitchen mixer is used for achieving whipped fluffy egg whites, whipping cream or mixing and kneading dough. So for simple baking tasks like whipping cream, this is an ideal appliance.

A powerful food processor is handy, but if you don’t use most of the functionalities, it just gets in the way.

Buying food processor, what do you pay attention to?

Buying food processor, what do you pay attention to?

Buying an affordable food processor can be quite overwhelming. There are many different products: from food processors, stand mixers, kitchen blenders, dough mixers and hand mixers which again come with different accessories and functions. Below we explain briefly and simply which factors are important:

  • Capacity: do you want a large or small bowl? With food processors, the size of the mixing bowl varies between 1.5 and 3.5 liters.
  • Weight and dimensions: food processors are often larger than you think. Look carefully to see if the kitchen appliances will fit on the countertop or if you can store them. Do you have trouble lifting? Then buy a food processor that is lightweight. Keep in mind that accessories also take up space.
  • Accessories: do the parts feel sturdy and can you easily change them?
  • Cleaning: with a food processor, you have many parts and many nooks and crannies. Dishwasher-safe parts are easy!
  • Build quality: under 100 euros you can count on moderate to reasonable build quality. If you want a sturdy food processor that will last for years, look for food processors within the 200 – 300 euro price range.
  • Performance: will you use your food processor for grinding beans, nuts and other hard ingredients? Then choose a food processor with several speeds and a pulse function.
  • Design: is it important to you that the design fits into the current style of the kitchen?
  • Intensive use: are you going to use the food processor intensively? Then choose a food processor with good build quality and a motor that you can use for a long time (without a break).

Finally, check carefully that the blade comes to the edge of the food processor. This will ensure that all the vegetables are cut evenly.

What all can you prepare with a food processor?

What all can you prepare with a food processor?

How versatile a food processor is depends on the model and the accessories included. Below we explain different accessories in more detail:

  • Cutting and grating discs: for vegetables, potatoes and salads.
  • The dough hook: for kneading and stirring dough.
  • Blender: for making sauces, smoothies, dressings and soups.
  • Mixing bowl: for making hummus, falafel, pesto and nut butters.
  • Whisk/whisk: for whipping cream and egg whites.
  • Citrus juicer: for squeezing oranges and lime.
  • Juice extractor: for making fresh juice

Conclusion: what is the best food processor for you?

Conclusion: what is the best food processor for you?

If you are just starting to buy kitchen appliances, consider getting the Magimix CS 5200XL Premium food processor. It is the No. 1 in our test and with this appliance in your home, a whole bunch of other appliances become unnecessary. For example, you won’t have to buy a juicer or blender. That already compensates quite a bit for the high price you pay for this food processor. Moreover, this Magimix food processor is so solidly built that it will last for years.

In a slightly lower price range, the Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH is the best buy in our opinion. It too is generously sized and powerful. You can do anything with it.

If you want to be even cheaper, buy the Philips Daily HR7310/00 or the slightly more solid Philips Viva HR7530/00, for example.

If you are going to use the food processor mainly for preparing dough, choose the Bourgini Classic Kitchen Chef.

Finally, the Bosch MUM5 StartLine MUM54A00 the best-selling food processor we tested. It is a basic kneading machine, which you can expand by buying accessories with it. This can be done separately, but also in a bundle together with the appliance. This way you buy a food processor that has exactly the features you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new food processor? Hopefully you got something out of our test with the best food processors of 2023. We regularly receive questions from visitors who are at a loss for words. Below are the frequently asked questions regarding food processors.

Which food processor is the best?

This depends entirely on your needs. The Magimix CS 5200XL Premium came out top in the test. In total, our editors extensively tested 15 kitchen machines.

Which food processor is the best buy?

The Kenwood MultiPro Express FDP65.450WH came out of the test as the best buy. Despite a relatively low price, you can count on excellent build quality and many features.

What is a good affordable food processor?

The Philips Daily HR7310/00 came out of the test as the best for households on a budget. For a good price, you can count on a good food processor with many features thanks to the included accessories.

What to look out for in a food processor?

When buying a new food processor, it is especially important to know what you want. Thus, you look at the build quality, capacity, features and included accessories to figure out which food processor is suitable.

How do I know if a food processor is right for me?

This depends mainly on personal needs and requirements. This aricle has discussed which device suits which needs.

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