Which Food Processor Should I Buy For Bread Dough? Smart Buying Tips

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Updated on 26 Jul 2023
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If you want to mix dough in the kitchen it takes a lot of power. Nowadays more and more people use a kitchen machine for that. For example, many kitchen machines often come with a chopper as an accessory and with this you can also knead dough. But this one is mainly meant when you want occasional dough, for daily use a dough machine with a metal bowl is a better option. Brands such as Kenwood and Kitchenaid are the best-known brands for this type of machine.

Kenwood kMix KMX750CR

If you want to mix dough with ease then the kMix KMX750CR is the kitchen mixer to have. It has a power output of no less than 1,000 watts. The device has an increased speed due to the soft start function. This kitchen mixer has 6 different settings so you can effortlessly determine the right structure of your dough.

A capacity of 5 liters allows you to mix large quantities simultaneously. A whisk, mixing cup and dough hooks are included. By the way, the parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean them after use. By the way, the device is also equipped with a splash guard. Kneading dough, whipping cream or mixing ingredients is a breeze with this kitchen mixer!

Kitchenaid Artisan 5KSM175PSEBK

Take your recipes to the next level with this kitchen mixer. The kitchen mixer has an output of 300 watts, which makes mixing dough just fine. The speed is slowly increased by the soft start. In addition, with a capacity of 4.8 liters, this kitchen mixer has everything you need to knead larger amounts of dough. Determining the right texture is also very easy, as this appliance has no less than 10 settings!

A whisk, mixing cup and dough hooks that are included ensure that you can get started right away without any problems. Also, the appliance is BPA-free, which means there is no chance of microplastics in your kitchen creations. The food processor also stays in place thanks to the non-slip feet.

Bosch mum54230 Styline

More convenience in the kitchen with a new kitchen blender? Then you should definitely get the Bosch mum54230 styline. This food processor has an output of no less than 900 watts.

That means kneading dough and whipping cream with this food processor becomes an effortless trick. With a capacity of 3.9 liters and 7 settings, you’re well placed to make enough dough with the right texture. When you occasionally need a brief power boost there is always the pulse setting. With included grater and slicer, dough hooks, whisk, mixing cup, juicer and blender you have (dishwasher safe) conveniences you could wish for.


Which kitchen robot for heavy dough?

For heavy dough, we recommend either the Kenwood kMix KMX750CR or the Bosch mum54230 Styline, simply because they have a very powerful output of 1,000 and 900 watts respectively, versus KitchenAid’s 300 watts. These machines are better at kneading heavy dough well.

How long do you knead bread with a food processor?

Obviously, it’s much faster with a food processor than by hand. Around 2 minutes of kneading with a food processor is comparable to 10 to 12 minutes of kneading by hand. So a few minutes is enough and with a food processor it goes around 10x faster than by hand!

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