The importance of good extractor hoods in the kitchen: why ventilation is crucial

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Updated on 25 Jul 2023
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If you are the owner of a home, you have undoubtedly had to think about the kitchen. Proper extraction, ventilation and air quality in a kitchen are necessary. No one likes it when an entire home is covered in greasy air, and also the fumes can sometimes even spread mold throughout the house. For good air quality, a kitchen exhaust hood is crucial. I will go into a little more detail about it in this short blog article.

Remove vapor and cooking air

A pan of boiling potatoes, a plate of delicious pasta and a sizzling steak in the pan. It’s all very delicious, but the fumes and odors that come from it are not always pleasant for everyone in the home. It can become unpleasant for many people if these odors linger in a home for a long time. That while the alternative is very simple – installing a good quality extractor.

Prevent mold and moisture

Not only can it be unpleasant to smell the potato smell in the attic when mother is cooking in the kitchen, but it is also bad for the house. Did you know that wallpaper can even become moldy if water vapor hangs in the house for a long time and often. Problems with mold and moisture can quickly occur if there is not proper ventilation. If you often eat greasy food, then grease vapor can also get on the windows and surfaces of the house furniture. So I really recommend investing in a good extractor.

Improve air quality

Besides preventing mold, the spread of bacteria and an overly humid living environment, it is also just a fact that people can have health problems if there is not proper ventilation in the home. It is not healthy to breathe in the fumes and grease particles, and it can even be harmful to your health. For example, it can give you a headache, but shortness of breath and shortness of breath can also result from staying in a home with poor quality air for long periods of time.

Make life comfortable

I personally believe that life in the home should be comfortable. You should be able to unwind in your own home, even when it comes to food. Nobody wants to be sitting behind the TV at ten o’clock at night with a beer still smelling the broccoli from dinner at five-thirty. And no one likes it when the cabinets and window pane are covered in a layer of grease. So make sure you invest in a good hood.

What does an extractor do?

The job of an extractor is very simple. An extractor is almost always mounted above a gas stove or induction hob. You need to turn it on when you start cooking, and it draws out the fumes and greasy air that rises from pots and pans. Depending on which system you have, the unit either exhausts the air to the outside or filters it and blows it back into the house.

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Cooker hoods

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