The 8 tastiest toppings for on your pancakes or poffertjes!

Updated on 22 Aug 2023
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How delicious it is. Starting your morning with pancakes, or brightening up your evening with a delicious pancake or mini pancakes meal. Of course the best way to brighten up those pancakes is with tasty toppings. If you have a sweet tooth like me then pancakes or poffertjes are never complete with some delicious toppings.

No one says no to pancakes or poffertjes

I mean, who says no to those nice warm, airy, buttery pancakes or poffertjes. It’s just that they are very tasty and also very easy to make. That means they are an ideal product for breakfast. In addition, you can also make them very personal. You can think as classic, creative, sweet or savory as you want. The possibilities you have know no end!

The best toppings

Best Toppings for Pancakes

I don’t want to call myself an expert on toppings, but I certainly know a thing or two about them! These toppings are great for on your pancakes an sich, but you can also enjoy mixing and matching them to make the combos even more spectacular.

Maple syrup

A true classic, maple syrup! There is nothing like a pancake topped with this syrup. That deliciously sweet and sticky syrup drizzled over your pancakes or poffertjes, there is nothing like it! A pancake soaked in maple syrup comes very close to perfection.

Delicious fresh fruit

A refreshing topping? Nothing beats delicious fresh fruit. However, it is important that the fruit is actually fresh. Fruit that is fresh and ripe will lift your pancakes to new heights. What fruit you use is up to you, whether you use tasty kiwi, strawberries or slices of banana. In addition, you can also combine the flavors of these fruits nicely. Whatever fruits you choose, your pancakes or poffertjes are guaranteed to be a hit. Bonus tip: Mango slices on your pancakes or poffertjes are delicious, really a new experience when it comes to pancakes or poffertjes!


Just to complement fruit, berries are a delicious addition to your pancakes. Whether you are talking about cranberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, they are a great topping for your pancakes or poffertjes. You can even add the berries to your batter, and you’ll get delicious pancakes filled with berries.

Bananas with chocolate chips

Poffertjes with toppings

We all know bananas go great on your pancake. This also fits nicely under the fresh fruit category, but I felt that like the berries, these deserved a little extra attention. Not only do they add incredible sweetness to your dish, but they are also packed with protein. Pancakes and bananas are great for your breakfast to ensure a great start to the day.

You know what makes those bananas on your pancakes even tastier? Chunks of chocolate! Bananas and chocolate are pretty much inseparable. They fit together perfectly. Pancakes, bananas, chocolate chips, an incredibly potent and delicious flavor explosion!

Whipped cream

What should not be missing? Of course, whipped cream! Deliciously searching, deliciously creamy, the perfect complement to that airy meal. While canned whipped cream is fine for when you’re in a hurry, nothing can beat fresh whipped cream. So if you do have the time, make it yourself!


Oh, if we have to talk about a certain topping that immediately comes to mind when it comes to pancakes it has to be Nutella. This is actually a no-brainer. Nutella is a very easy way to add more flavor to your pancakes. Delicious for breakfast, or for dessert. The only downside is that in this topping is high in calories, so be careful with this. I also know myself, it won’t stop at one serving. For a single serving, that’s not a bad thing either. So as long as it gets too often and too much, enjoy it!


You have to love this, but thankfully so do many people. You can give your pancakes or poffertjes some nice extra crunch with cashews, walnuts, macadamias, hazelnuts, you name it! Nuts give a creamy flavor and a crunchy contrast. They are hugely nutritious and healthy. In addition, you can roast the nuts for 2 minutes beforehand. Then more aroma is released in the nuts, then they become even more delicious than they already are!

Caramel sauce

It’s probably the ”caramel crazy” in me that speaks, but it doesn’t get any more perfect than caramel sauce on your pancakes or poffertjes! I won’t take it back either. There are so many things that are delicious about caramel sauce. Whether it’s the combination with butter and sugar that generates such a unique flavor or the silky smooth consistency.

Many don’t know this, but caramel sauce is also delicious when mixed with a little salt. You really won’t believe what a world of difference this makes. A sweet-salty combination you can’t resist.

A little bourbon can also add elegance to your caramel sauce. This has a wonderful, deep flavor. Caramel sauce on your pancakes just has to be tried once. But I warn, many of your future pancakes or poffertjes will be covered in caramel sauce afterwards!

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