Cooking with a Römertopf, our tips

Updated on 24 Jul 2023
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We have now given a lot of information about how the römertopf works and additional information about this interesting product. But probably you also want to know about some tasty dishes. For nice dishes always keep an eye on our blog, there we regularly share nice content of how to use the oven dish to put delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes on the table.
We are very familiar with the römertopf pan, because we have always made many dishes with this oven dish. Therefore you have come to the absolute right place for good dishes and recipes, we may also share some great tips and tricks for cooking with the pan.

Here we will give you some simple steps for using the pan:
Start by soaking the pan in a good layer of water, make sure the pan is completely submerged in the water. Don’t forget to put the lid of the pan completely under the water as well. Let the pan and the lid soak in the water for at least fifteen minutes. The pan now absorbs all the moisture, this ensures that the ingredients come out of the pan nice and tender, and that the pan itself will not break due to the heat.

After the fifteen minutes of soaking, you can fill the pan with your desired ingredients. You can just do this directly into the pan, we recommend not adding too many sauces. This can become quite a hassle with cleanup. Cut the somewhat tougher ingredients, such as Jerusalem apples and carrots, into small pieces so they can cook nicely. Meat and fish can also just go straight into the pan, adding some salt, pepper and spices will make it a delicious whole.
Place the lid on the pan, making sure it is well covered. Now place the entire pan and its contents in the cold oven, so the oven does not need to be preheated. Then turn on the oven, it varies per dish how long the whole thing should be in the oven. If you like, you can take the lid off the pan for the last few minutes to brown the dish. This is also a good tip if you want to top the dish with a layer of cheese. Remember that the pan should never be placed on a cold surface, as this can destroy the pan and/or the surface.

You can simply serve the food directly from the pan onto the table, i.e. with some spoons or spatulas. After eating, it is best to clean the pan by just putting some water and soap in it and scrubbing with a good brush. If you want to put the pan away again, it is best to just put the lid on the pan.
What you could possibly try is cooking with real, traditional dishes. These are great for preparing in this pan, such as lamb. Sweet potato, or sweet potato, is also very tasty from the pan. But beware, the pan retains aromas quickly and, as a result, your dish may be slightly affected by the aromas of previously prepared dishes.

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