What Is The Energy Consumption Of An Airfryer?

Updated on 06 Feb 2024
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An airfryer is a very convenient appliance. You prepare a meal with it in a short time, and that too without significant use of oil or fat. But how much energy does an airfryer actually use?

To find out the energy consumption of your airfryer, you need to know two things: the power of your airfryer and how often you use it. The table below shows the power consumption and cost per hour of three different airfryers. I have assumed the manufacturer’s data and a tariff of €0.40 per kWh (the price ceiling set by the government).

SizeMake and typePowerConsumption per hourCost per hour
smallTefal Easy Fry Compact EY30181.400 W1,40 kW$0.60
MediumInventum GF500HLD1.500 W1,50 kW$0.64
largePhilips Premium XXL D9650/90 2.250 W2,25 kW$0.96

Suppose you use the large airfryer an average of 2 times a year, for half an hour, then the cost per year is 52 x 2 x 0.5 x 0.96 = $49.92. For the small airfryer, that’s $31.14

Is an airfryer cheaper than an oven or fryer?

How do these costs compare to those of an oven or fryer? For the sake of convenience, we will assume here that you prepare French fries.

  • On average, an electric fryer requires slightly more power than an airfryer, about 2,300 W. The preparation time for the same amount of fries is similar. While the fries do not need to cook as long, the heating time is a lot longer. The purchase price of a fryer is on average lower than that of an airfryer.
  • An electric hot air oven uses about the same amount of energy as an airfryer. The oven also has a longer heating time, but unlike the deep fryer, you can already put the fries in the oven while it is heating up. An electric oven is a lot more expensive than an airfryer, though.

In conclusion, there are no shocking differences between the energy consumption of an airfryer, an electric fryer and an electric hot air oven. Perhaps then the versatility, purchase price and ease of use of the airfryer are the deciding factors in choosing it.

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