Cleaning a microwave oven: how to do it?

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Updated on 20 Jul 2023
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A combi microwave oven is an appliance with a multifunctional character. It functions not only as a microwave, but also as an oven. You can defrost, reheat, bake and sometimes even grill dishes. A device that allows you to conjure up delicious meals on the table, but also a device that offers salvation on busy days. Once you have a microwave oven, you will use it all too often. Therefore, regular cleaning is important. If you don’t, food residues will get caked on and cleaning will become a difficult job.

Cleaning the outside of the microwave oven

The easiest part of the cleaning job is cleaning the outside of the microwave oven. After all, it gets a lot less dirty than the inside. Since the appliance is usually made of plastic and/or stainless steel, a scratch-free cloth and a simple all-purpose cleaner are all you need. Instead of all-purpose cleaner, you can also use dish soap. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents.

Cleaning the inside of the microwave oven

Cleaning the outside can be done at any time, but for the outside there is a specific time when your efforts will yield the most results. That is the time when the appliance has just cooled down. Even then, use water and detergent. Food residue and splatters will come off the bottom and walls more easily this way. You can simply put the turntable in the dishwasher.

Soda: the alternative to water and all-purpose cleaner

If you are someone who is always looking for the most natural way to work, there is an eco-friendly alternative to water and all-purpose cleaner. You can also get your combi microwave clean with baking soda. What else you need for this is nothing more than a microwave-safe dish with some water. You add a tablespoon of baking soda to this and put it in the combi microwave. You run this on the highest setting for a few minutes.

When condensation forms on the door, turn it off and open the door. Once the condensation is gone, clean the inside. Soda has a degreasing effect, making this a piece of cake. Wipe down the combi microwave again after this to make sure no residue of baking soda remains.

Getting started with oven cleaner

Has your microwave oven become very dirty? Then the above methods may not have sufficient effect. In that case, you can opt for oven cleaner, but only when the inside of the appliance is not self-cleaning. You spray oven cleaner on the bottom and walls of your microwave oven. You let this soak in for a while and then wipe away all the dirt with a cloth. Oven cleaner cannot be used on the rough walls of the microwave oven.

Deal with unpleasant odors

Is your combi microwave oven not necessarily dirty, but does it smell unpleasant? Then put some water in a microwave-safe dish and put some lemon juice or slices of lemon in it. Then put this bowl in the appliance and let it run at full power for a few minutes. By the way, this is also a handy method to soak off the dirt when there is very caked-on food residue.

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