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Updated on 24 Jul 2023
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There are two systems that I have long used for brewing my cup of latte. With both, it is ideal that the machine works at the touch of a button. The first is a fully automatic coffee machine. The ideal thing about this is that this device actually does everything – from grinding coffee beans to frothing milk. When I’m away from home, I prefer to take a Nespresso machine with me. It’s the simplest way to make a quick cup when I feel like it.

What is a fully automatic coffee machine

Needless to say, the coffee from such a machine is a lot tastier. So I invested heavily in this ideal device that takes so much work out of my hands. Where before I had to grind coffee all by myself first, then mash it and turn it in the machine, now I can just get an espresso at the touch of a button. There are different functions and some of these devices can even froth milk.

What is a Nespresso machine

A similar, yet very different system is a Nespresso machine. The big similarity to the fully automatic coffee machine is that here, too, you can make a cup of coffee at the touch of a button. However, you need cups or capsules that the vending machine uses as a base for the coffee. You can get a variety of coffee drinks – from espresso to a latte and from a lungo to a ristretto.

User-friendly and convenience

The biggest reason why people choose a Nespresso machine is the fact that you can make a cup very quickly. If you are someone who wants a quick cappuccino without too many operations, then this machine is really for you. The ease of use simply cannot be compared to that of a coffee machine, for example, and is even better than the fully automatic coffee machine.

Determining own proportions and higher demands

If you are someone who likes fine tasting more anyway, then it is really better that you go for the fully automatic coffee machine. After all, with this automatic you can determine the proportions exactly how you like it. If you have an espresso but find it just a little too bitter for your liking, you can set the bean grinder so that the coffee bean is ground just a little less finely.

Which do you personally like best?

At the end of the day, what matters is that you have a cup of coffee in your hand after all is done. And that cup of goodness should taste good, too. Maybe you don’t mind at all that the cups or capsules don’t quite have the original coffee taste. Then again, maybe you do and really want to create the perfect espresso. Different coffee lovers will make different choices, which is why there are so many different options.

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