Bitterballs in the airfryer, how best to prepare them? + baking times

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Updated on 05 Aug 2023

Bitterballen, it’s that delicious Old Dutch snack that really no one can refuse. Nowadays, however, we choose to eat a little more consciously, and so we increasingly put them in the Airfryer. But what is the best way to prepare them, and which bitterballen are the best? We’ll take you through that!

How long should bitterballs go in the Airfryer?

The quick answer: 7 to 9 minutes at 180 to 200 degrees. Is that all? No. It depends a bit on how many you bake at a time, what brand of bitterballs you have, etc.

When you prepare ordinary bitterballs in the Airfryer, of course you don’t want them to suddenly burst open in the basket. But you also don’t want them to stay pale. As you gain more experience with them, you will find out for yourself what works best for your case. But then, isn’t there a general approach? Yes, there is, that’s where we’re coming to now.

Baking time of bitterballs per brand

The general baking time is 8 minutes at 200 degrees, but there are different baking times for each brand that differ again just a bit.

  • Mora: 9 minutes, 200 degrees
  • Kwekkeboom Black Angus bitterball: 8 minutes, 200 degrees
  • Kwekkeboom oven croquette: 8 minutes, 200 degrees
  • Lidl oven croquette: 8 minutes, 200 degrees
  • AH oven croquette: 7 minutes, 200 degrees
  • Aldi oven croquette: 8 minutes, 200 degrees
  • G’woon oven croquette: 8 minutes, 200 degrees
  • Jumbo oven croquettes: 8 minutes, 200 degrees

Preparation tips

  • You can just use frozen bitterballs. There is no need to defrost them.
  • When you want crispy bitterballs you should not overcrowd them, so spread them well. The bottom may be covered, and then it will be full.
  • Shake the bitterballs every now and then.
  • Let them rest in the Airfryer for 1 to 2 minutes after cooking.


Can bitterballs go in the Airfryer?

Yes, bitterballs can be used in the Airfryer. However, it is recommended to get special bitterballs for the Airfryer, they come out of the Airfryer nice and golden brown more often than regular bitterballs, which taste less tasty out of the Airfryer.

How many bitterballs can go in the Airfryer?

This depends a lot on the kind of Airfryer you have. In fact, you can buy different variants suitable for a number of people. You can buy a variant suitable for 2 persons, 3 persons, even for 6 persons. The basket may be well full of bitterballs, but if the bottom is full then that’s the max. Bul it not all the way to the edge.

Which bitterballs are the tastiest?

This obviously depends on which flavors you like most, but here are some bitterballs I would highly recommend: Kwekkeboom Black Angus, Dr. Oetker’s Pizza bitterballs, AH Airfryer bitterballs, Aldi oven bitterballs, G’woon oven bitterballs, Aldi oven bitterballs, LIDL oven bitterballs, KFC Bitterballs (distinct but innovative and tasty).

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