Airfryer Baking Time: How Long and How Hot Do I Set My Airfryer?

Updated on 06 Feb 2024
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You can do so much more with an airfryer than just fry French fries and snack. Below is a table of baking times for different ingredients. For each ingredient, the baking time, temperature and whether you need to preheat is indicated.

What do you have to take into account?

If you use our table of airfryer baking times, take the following into account:

  • These airfryer bake times are guidelines which may vary by type of airfryer. So always keep an eye on your meal.
  • Some users have experienced smoke coming out of the airfryer at temperatures above 180 degrees. If the temperature indicated is 200 degrees, try 180 degrees first and add a few minutes.
  • Difference per ingredient: it is possible that the fries from Lidl need a longer baking time than the fries from Albert Heijn’s Belgian fries, just to name one example.

Baking times Airfryer XL and XXL

There may be a difference in baking times between an XL and XXL airfryer. This difference is minimal, but it is important to keep an eye on certain ingredients. For example, a baking time one minute longer or shorter for cookies can make a world of difference. However, the difference in baking times is greater by brand than it is by size.

Airfryer baking times app

There are several airfryer baking time apps with exact baking times and tasty dishes. The best-known app is Philips’ NutriU. This app with airfryer baking times is available in the Android and IOS store and lets you look up dishes, save baking times and share new recipes with the community.

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