Who are we?

Ons Team - The Kitchenary Lab

In 2021, we started our blog where our common interests come together: cooking, healthy eating and fun. We believe that delicious and healthy food does not have to be difficult. Therefore, on The Kitchenary Lab we focus mainly on dishes that are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.

Besides recipe inspiration, we provide tips to make cooking more fun and efficient. Our goal is to test different kitchen appliances every year, so you only get the best products.

Our ambition is to grow The Kitchenary Lab into the online magazine about delicious food. Preferably worldwide, but let’s start by conquering our own little country first.

Do you have tips, questions or see room for improvement? Then feel free to contact us at hello@thekitchenarylab.com.



The content publisher

Thomas the founder of The Kitchenary Lab and mainly responsible for all content on our site – think images, the texts and possible videos in the future. He is the creative beast of ‘The Kitchenary Lab’ family.

Laura - The Kitchenary Lab


The foodie

Laura can mostly be found in the kitchen. From coming up with delicious dishes to testing kitchen equipment – Tim & Thomas are only too happy to have Laura on the team – because that means lots and lots of delicious food!

Tim - The Kitchenary Lab


The Computer Geek

Tim loves good food and needs it to turn Thomas and Laura’s ideas into reality. Tim makes sure our website is always accessible, loads quickly and that you have a great user experience!