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About The Kitchenary Lab

In 2021, we started our blog where our common interests converge: cooking, healthy eating and socializing. We believe that delicious and healthy food does not have to be difficult. On The Kitchenary Lab we focus mainly on dishes that are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.

In addition to recipe inspiration, we provide tips to make cooking more fun and efficient. For example, our goal is to test different kitchen appliances every year so you know exactly which product is best.

Our ambition is to grow The Kitchenary Lab into the online magazine about good food. Preferably worldwide, but let’s start by conquering our own little country and our neighboring countries first.


How we test

At the moment, we are working hard behind the scenes to really test products related to coffee and publish 100% independent tests. The current surveys you’ll find on our website were created as follows:

  • Self-testing: We analyze each product ourselves to understand the user experience.
  • Interviews: We gather insights by conducting interviews with kitchen appliance owners
  • Online reviews: We go through customer reviews to get a broad perspective.
  • Experts: We consult experts for their professional opinions.

By combining these methods, we strive to provide reliable and honest reviews.

Our team


Siem van Dongen

Lover of good food & owner

Siem is above all a lover of good food. Cooking at home with family and friends, eating out, or a quick take-out: as long as it’s tasty and healthy.

Favorite cuisine? Asian! Sushi, Thai and Indo.

What can you wake Siem up for? Tuna tataki, sushi, coleslaw or tom kha kai.

What does Siem do within The Kitchenary Lab? Siem co-manages the content and setup of our independent product testing.

Read all of Siem’s articles here.

frank raveling

Frank Raveling

Food, coffee & owner

With a restaurant in Vietnam and a website about coffee, it’s safe to say that Frank is a great lover of all things food and drink.

Favorite cuisine? Indonesian, Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern.

How does Frank make his coffee? French press in the morning and since he lives in the tropics he likes to drink a V60 iced coffee in the afternoon.

What does Frank do within The Kitchenary Lab? Recipes, testing & web design.

Read all of Frank’s articles here



From the age of 10 I baked my own apple pies and from the age of 20 I arranged Christmas dinners at home for the whole family. Often trying out something new and giving it my own twist is what I like best.

Favorite cuisine? French, Italian and especially anti pasta. And trying more and more oriental like labneh, but completely from scratch.

Wake me up for? You make yourself most happy to just let me sleep. On Sunday mornings, I love to make some goodies with a fresh egg at the table with a delicious cappuccino.

What does Ester do within The Kitchenary Lab? Ester provides content, recipes and reviews.


German copywriter

Nadine is our key person when it comes to The Kitchenary Lab’s German-language content. With nearly seven years of experience as a content writer, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for food and housekeeping to our team.

Favorite cuisine? Italian and Chinese.

What can you wake Nadine up for? A delicious potato dish can always lure her out of bed, no matter the hour.

What does Nadine do within The Kitchenary Lab? Nadine is responsible for all German articles.



Virtual Assistant & Gaming Enthusiast

Randy is the quiet force behind the scenes at The Kitchenary Lab, where he works from the Philippines as a Virtual Assistant. He always makes sure our website looks pico bello, so we are very happy with him!

Favorite kitchen? Randy likes to keep it close to home with local Filipino dishes like Batchoy and Cansi, but is also open to international flavors like those of a good pizza or ramen.

What can you wake Randy up for? A strong cup of coffee, then going into “nerd-zone” and programming.

What does Randy do within The Kitchenary Lab? Randy is the spinning engine behind The Kitchenary Lab, after all, without him the content would never get published!

Tùng Nguyễn

Barista & online handyman

Tùng, also known as Peter, is the driving force behind the affiliate department and various online tasks at The Kitchenary Lab. Born and raised in picturesque Hoi An, Vietnam, where he mostly spends a lot of time with friends and family. Also fun to share: he worked as a barista for Frank’s restaurant for several years.

Favorite cuisine? Vietnamese (how could it be otherwise ;-))

What can you wake Peter up in the middle of the night for? An authentic Vietnamese coffee, a freshly made Banh Mi, or a carefully prepared bowl of Bun Cha.

What does Peter do within The Kitchenary Lab? Publishing, responsible for affiliate.

Philip Morgan


Philip, Phil for short, is a passionate foodie who loves to write. He loves making delicious and healthy food himself, but doesn’t shy away from takeout either.

Favorite cuisine? Italian, Mexican or Spanish.

What can you wake Phil up for? Pizza, all day long.

What does Phil do in the Kitchenary Lab? Phil writes articles for the team. Although he’s only recently joined, he’s having a great time and enjoys doing the work.


At thekitchenarylab.com, our primary goal is to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions through independent reviews. Do you see opportunities for a collaboration? Then read more about collaborating or contact us.